Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2021 Written Update: Luthra ladies scolds Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sonakshi asks Pihu to go to Preeta directly and the latter runs from there. Rishabh stops Pihu and asks her that where is she going. She tells him that Preeta called her outside and runs from there. Sonakshi tells Rishabh that Preeta didn’t call Pihu and she will accompany Pihu and leaves from there. Luthra’s goes out to play with firecrackers. Srishti avoids Sameer and he asks her to not avoid him because he can’t tolerate her this behaviour towards him. She tells him that she is also not feeling good but she don’t have any other choice.

Then she reveals that she acted to get attention from him. He gets angry and tells her that he was upset since morning that she is avoiding him but she didn’t care about his feelings. She backhugs him and apologizes to him which surprises him. She realises that what she did and tells him that Sarla waiting for her in Arora house so she need to leave and runs from there.

Pihu tells Preeta that she is going to play with firecrackers. Preeta asks her to show them but Sonakshi interrupts saying that Preeta may have some other work to do so she will stay with Pihu. Sonakshi looks at Luthra’s and she takes the firecrackers from Pihu saying that she will return them later and she gives ‘phuljhadi’ to her.

Preeta takes Karan aside and asks him that she feels that he is angry with her. She tells him that anything can happen in the future and life is so short so they should not regret later for not leading a happy life. He gets angry for talking like that and she hugs him to control his anger. He tells her that he is not angry now and they smiles at each other. Sonakshi witnesses that and gets angry. She throws firecracker near Pihu and Pihu screams for help. Luthra’s runs towards Pihu and takes her inside.

After some time, Doctor applies ointment on Pihu’s hand and tells Luthra’s that she is fine. Preeta asks him to check Pihu once again. He tells her that he can understand her concern but Pihu is really fine and leaves from there. Rakhi asks Pihu that why the latter didn’t change the dress. Pihu tells her that Preeta asked her to not change. Preeta is about to say something but Sonakshi interrupts them. She shows her fake injury to Luthra’s to get sympathy. Rakhi thanks her for saving Pihu.

Dadi asks Sherlyn to take Pihu inside. She and Kareena scolds Preeta for not taking care of Pihu. Kareena tells Preeta that the latter failed as a mother. Karan asks her to stop it and tells Luthra’s that no one cares about Pihu than him and Preeta. He tells them that he didn’t saw Sonakshi saving Pihu. Dadi scolds him and praises Sonakshi.

Preeta cries recalling Pihu’s scream. Karan asks her to ignore Dadi and Kareena’s words. She tells him that she is worried about Pihu. He tells her that these kind of accidents are common and Pihu is fine so she need to be relax. He says to her that she is really a good mother and she hugs him.

Episode ends.

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