Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2024 Written Update: Karan consoles Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Aarohi blames Preeta for everything. Kareena agrees with Aarohi. She says that they ends up in trouble whenever Preeta comes to Luthra house. Rakhi says that they saw what happened today. She adds that Karan’s life ended up in danger because of Preeta and it’s Rajveer who saved Karan. Dadi says that she will talk to Preeta. Varun comes there and tells Dadi that he has to go house now. He says that Kavya is sleeping and leaves from there. Rakhi hope Rajveer is fine. She says that Rajveer’s mother must be really good person. Kareena says that Rajveer’s mother gave good upbringing to Rajveer.

In the hospital, Karan tells Nurse to admit Rajveer. Preeta tells Nurse to call the Doctor. Nurse says that it’s a police case so without completing the formalities she can’t admit. Karan tells her that he will complete the formalities later. He says that Rajveer need treatment now. Doctor comes there and asks what’s happening. Karan tells everything to Doctor. Doctor says that Nurse is right.

On the other hand, Police inspector puts goons behind bars. Sandeep tells Police inspector that he want to call someone. Police inspector refuses. Amar convinces Police inspector. Sandeep calls Anshuman. Anshuman scolds Sandeep for getting caught and disconnects the call. Sandeep says that Anshuman betrayed them. Amar tells Sandeep that they will double cross Anshuman. He tells Police inspector that it’s his turn now. He calls Shaurya and says he has news for the latter. He adds that this deal will be beneficial for both of them. Shaurya tells everything to Sandy. Sandy says that they should go to meet Amar.

Karan tells Doctor that Rajveer is bleeding. Preeta tells them that it’s not time to fight. She promises to complete all the formalities. Doctor tells them to be practical and complete the formalities. Karan threatens to sue the Doctor and hospital. Preeta asks Karan to not shout. Palki requests Doctor to start the treatment because Rajveer is not criminal. Preeta tells Doctor to do his duty. Doctor tells Nurse to admit Rajveer.

Shaurya tells Police inspector that he want to meet goons. Police inspector refuses. Shaurya convinces Police inspector and goes inside. He asks Amar that why the latter called him. Amar says that he will tell who sent them to Luthra house. Sandy asks Amar that what the latter want in return to tell the truth. Sandeep asks Shaurya that whether the latter want to know the truth. Shaurya says that he want to know the truth.

Gautam scolds Varun for not handling Alia. Roma says that she handled Alia. Meanwhile, Aarohi says that Rajveer may want something in return for saving Karan. Luthra ladies scolds Aarohi. Aarohi apologises to them.

Sandeep asks Shaurya to bail him out. He says that he will tell the truth after his release. He adds that he will reveal why they targeted Palki. Shaurya tells Sandeep to tell the truth first because he is not fool to believe them. He leaves from there. Sandy tells Shaurya that they should go to hospital. Shaurya nods at Sandy.

Karan tells Preeta that nothing will happen to Rajveer. Preeta blames herself for Rajveer’s condition. Karan blames himself for everything. He tells her that she and Rajveer is his responsibility.

Episode ends.

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