Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2020 Written Update: Mahira blames Preeta for Mahesh’s condition

Episode begins with luthra’s gets worried seeing Mahesh. Rishab asks how Mahesh fell down. Mahira says Preeta pushed Mahesh from upstairs. Sherlyn praises Mahira in mind and thinks destiny too helping them to trap Preeta that’s why she reached there at exact time. Karan comes there and asks how it happened? Mahira puts the blame on Preeta. Preeta says she didn’t pushed Mahesh. Sherlyn asks how Preeta can do this with Mahesh? Luthra’s takes Mahesh to hospital. Sristy thinks now who planned to trap Preeta. Preeta asks Sristy to reach home and she leaves for hospital.

In hospital Rishab and Karan fights with Receptionist because she told them that neurosurgeon is not available. That time Preeta brings one neurosurgeon with her and he treats Mahesh. Rishab consoles the crying Dadi and asks her to pray for Mahesh. Seeing Sristy, Preeta asks what she is doing there instead of going to Sarla? Sristy says she will stay silent and requests Preeta to let her stay in hospital.

Rishab asks Doctor about Mahesh. Doctor says Mahesh’s condition is not stable now he is still in critical stage and it’s worsening more that’s why he went to coma again. Except Sherlyn and Mahira everyone shocks hearing that.

Preeta cries in front of Mahesh and says luthra’s were happy seeing his recovery then how can he go to coma again. She requests him to wake up and asks to not broke Luthra’s trust. She says luthra’s needs him and his support. She realizes someone definitely tried to kill him and promises him that as a daughter of him she will find the culprit and won’t leave that person.

Sherlyn sees Preeta with Mahesh and informs that to Mahira. Mahira says they have to do something because if Mahesh told the truth then everything will be finished. Rishab asks his doctor to reach india as soon as possible. Kareena too requests him to come soon to treat Mahesh because he knows about Mahesh’s report very well. Mahira asks how can they trust the doctor who brought by Preeta? Sristy yells at Mahira but Sherlyn supports Mahira.

Mahira and Sherlyn both blames Preeta for Mahesh’s condition. Mahira says to stop Karan’s marriage Preeta pushed Mahesh and says now also she will be with him only to kill him. Rishab shouts at Mahira. Everyone goes towards Mahesh’s room and Rishab too follows them. Sristy thinks again everyone blaming Preeta and prays to God that Preeta should not be with Mahesh because it will create more trouble for Preeta.

Kareena asks what Preeta doing in Mahesh’s room and asks her to leave from there. She pushes Preeta and Preeta falls on Karan. Preeta thinks is Karan too not believing her. Dadi asks what Preeta got by pushing Mahesh? Ramona says being a doctor Preeta should save everyone’s life instead of killing them.

Preeta says they are misunderstanding her, she didn’t pushed Mahesh. Sherlyn says Preeta only pushed Mahesh to stop Karan and Mahira’s marriage. Rishab asks Sherlyn to stay silent. Karan says he did mistake by trusting Preeta. Preeta says she tried to separate Karan and Mahira for sure but how can Karan think she will push Mahesh. Karan recalls how he blamed her once.(Episode Ends)