Kundali Bhagya 16th September 2021 Written Update: Dadi supports Preeta’s decision

Kundali Bhagya 16th September 2021 Written Update

Episode begins with Karan and Sameer plays in Luthra house. Kareena tells them that it’s not a playground. Karan asks her to not disturb him because important competition going to between him and Sameer. Pihu tells her that she will give chocolate to the winner and shows the chocolate to her. Kareena smiles at her. Karan drops the ball when he tried to attend the call. He refuses to accept that he lost it. Pihu tells him that he is doing wrong.

He assumes that Preeta brought coffee for him and he tries to take the cup from her. But she stops him saying that it’s Pihu’s milkshake. He tells that no one loves him that’s why no one cares about him. Sameer asks chocolate from Pihu so she gives it to him. But Karan snatches that chocolate and Sameer tries to snatch back from Karan. Luthra’s laughs at them. Pihu goes to bring another chocolate for Sameer.

Yash arrives there with Police. Luthra’s gets shocks seeing them. Yash asks Police inspector to arrest Karan. Preeta asks him that what Karan did. Police inspector tells them that he came to arrest Karan for kidnapping Sonakshi. Preeta tells Yash that the latter doing this deliberately to hurt her family.

Mahesh asks Yash that how the latter got to know that Sonakshi stays in Luthra house. Yash tells him that he traced Sonakshi’s mobile because Sonakshi didn’t pick the call and it proves that Luthra’s snatched her mobile from her. Kareena informs Police inspector about Sonakshi’s accident and explains him everything. Yash refuses to believe her. Kareena tells Police inspector that the latter don’t have any evidence against Karan so the latter can’t arrest Karan.

Sonakshi comes there in wheelchair. Yash goes to her and tells her that he won’t let anything happen to her and he will protect her from Luthra’s. She tells Police inspector that Luthra’s are innocent and blames Yash. He yells at her for blaming him and asks her to go with him. She refuses to go with him. Karan asks them to stop their drama. Police inspector tells Yash that Sonakshi’s statement proves that Karan didn’t kidnap her so he can’t arrest Karan. Yash asks Sonakshi to tell Police inspector that Preeta want to kill her that’s why Karan kidnapped her. Luthra’s gets shocks hearing him.

Sonakshi tells Yash that she won’t lie. Yash asks her to choose between him and Luthra’s. She tells him that she chooses truth and she can’t go against Luthra’s. He cuts all ties with her and leaves from there. Preeta tells Sonakshi that the latter can stay in Luthra house until she recovers completely. Dadi agrees with her. But Karan and Kareena are not happy with it. Kritika calls Srishti and informs her everything.

Kareena tells Dadi that the latter make mistake by supporting Preeta’s decision. Dadi asks her to not think so much. Meanwhile Karan tells Preeta to not get attached to Sonakshi because Sonakshi is not a good person and also everything happening because of Sonakshi only.

Episode ends.

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