Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update: Prithvi attempts to stab Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Vishnu tells Raja that they should announce that Arjun had hired them to kill Rishabh. Raja likes the idea. He asks him to announce it. Sameer wonders that what are they talking about. Vishnu takes the mic to announce it. But Prithvi snatches the mic from him. Sherlyn brings Beeji there. Prithvi praises Sherlyn. He announces that Beeji is in his custody. He asks Luthras to come out. Srishti hears him and she wonders that who are they.

Meanwhile, Rishabh asks Kavya to not open the door no matter what. He hugs her and he leaves the room. Arjun tells Preeta to take care of Mahesh, Rakhi and Kavya. He follows Rishabh. Preeta tells Kavya that she won’t play hide and seek with her from now on. She says that last time Kavya cheated in the game. Kavya tells her that she won’t cheat again. Preeta asks her to hide and not come out until she tells her to do. Kavya hides in the bathroom.

Prithvi tells Beeji that looks like no one loves her. Rishabh and Arjun comes there. Prithvi tells them that they are not smart like him. Arjun agrees with him. He starts beating goons up. Beeji beat Prithvi up. Vishnu tries to escape with jewels bag. Srishti beat him up. Sherlyn takes the bag and tries to leave from there. Sameer points gun at Prithvi. Beeji snatches the bag from Sherlyn. She beat her up. Vishnu takes the bag. They hears police jeep siren sound. Prithvi asks that who called the police. Srishti says that she called the police. She taunts Prithvi. Preeta comes downstairs.

Prithvi notices the knife. He takes the knife from the floor. He drags Preeta and he holds the knife near Preeta’s neck. He makes Srishti apologize to him. He says that he will escape before police comes there. He asks them to not underestimate him. Rishabh tells him that if the latter don’t leave Preeta in 10 seconds then he won’t leave him. Prithvi mocks him. Bunty holds Rishabh. Arjun says that he don’t like violence. Prithvi says that he love violence.

Arjun says that Preeta is in danger so he feels like he has to help Preeta. He tells Preeta that he will help her because he cares for Luthras. Prithvi asks them to stop the drama. He is about to stab Preeta. But Arjun beat him up. Luthras beat goons up. Police comes there. Prithvi and goons escapes from there. Arjun asks Preeta that if she is fine. Rakhi asks Preeta to treat Rishabh and Arjun’s injuries. Arjun says that Anjali will treat his injuries.

Preeta takes Rishabh from there. Rishabh tells Kavya to play. Kavya leaves the room. Preeta treats Rishabh’s injuries. He tells her that Arjun won their heart even though he is weird. She tells him that Arjun don’t deserve credit because their family members are good people. He thanks her for treating his injuries.

Arjun scolds Anjali for fighting with goons. He says that Nidhi would have killed him if anything happened to Anjali then. She asks him that why he did not treated his injuries by Preeta. He tells her that he don’t trust Preeta. She asks him that why he saved Preeta. He tells her that he was saving his family.

Episode ends.

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