Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2020 Written Update: Mahira plans against Preeta

Episode begins with Mahira’s mother says Preeta tried to break Mahira’s engagement and says she should stay away from luthra’s house then only Mahira can be happy. Kareena says how Mahira feels insecure about Preeta. Dadi too agrees with them says she will take treatment from any other doctor instead of Preeta. Sherlyn calls Kareena and informs about Mahira’s accident. Kareena and Mahira’s mother goes to hospital.Karan and Rishab reaches the airport. Karan says Rishab should not go leaving him alone here. Rishab says he have lot of works to do that’s why going. They both argues with each other. Karan says in absence of Rishab he may do something wrong. Rishab advices him to do only right things and goes from there. Mahira comes to conscious. Doctor says her injury isn’t deep.

Sristy hugs Preeta and gets emotional. She says she got so worried. Preeta says nothing would have happen to her because Sristy was there to save her always. Preeta cheers Sristy. Sherlyn comes there and thinks she planned everything to hurt Preeta. That time police comes there. Kareena and Mahira’s mother too comes there. Police asks Preeta to come to police station. Sherlyn says she only called police because she saw Preeta pushed Mahira in front of the truck.

Karan comes to his home. He enquires about Preeta to his mother. Rakhi says about Mahira’s accident. Karan gets shocks listening this. Mahira says to doctor that she is acting and she is perfectly fine. She says her life is in danger because of Preeta that’s why she is acting. She asks doctor to tell lie to everyone about her health and says she will give money to him for his lie. Doctor first denies but later agrees with her plan.

Preeta says to police that Sherlyn is lieing. Sristy says she only saved Preeta from accident and Preeta didn’t pushed Mahira. Mahira’s mother threatens Preeta. Sherlyn says she saw everything. Police says just for enquiry Preeta should come to police station and says it’s not an accident.

Doctor comes there and says only police can meet Mahira now. Preeta says she too wants to meet Mahira and says she will ask Mahira about her accident. Police agrees with Preeta. Kareena says Preeta can’t meet Mahira. Police says he have to do proper investigation then only can take any action.

Preeta asks about Mahira’s health and says police is here to investigate her accident case.

Episode ends.