Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2021 Written Update: Dadi asks Rakhi to return to Luthra house

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house
Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house

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Episode begins with Mahira asks Pammi that why the latter lied to her. Pammi tries to change the topic and tells her that why the latter trapped Sameer when she came to this house to marry Karan. She warns her to stay away from Sameer. Mahira tells her that she don’t know that what Sameer thinks about her but she is not interested in him. Pammi asks her to not show interest on Karan too because he is married man.

Dadi asks Rakhi that why the latter didn’t inform her about Karan but she is happy that the latter didn’t send Karan to jail and tells her to return to Luthra house because Police may reach there anytime to arrest Karan. Rakhi decides to hide the truth from Mahesh and Karan.

She informs Karan about Dadi’s call and she wants to see him so they are returning to Luthra house. After some time, everyone reaches Luthra house. Karan meets Dadi and Kareena. Prithvi thinks that he need to inform Police inspector that Karan is in Luthra house now. Karan says to Dadi that he missed her so much and tells her that he is going to freshen up.

Prithvi notices that Karan is not moving towards his room and calls Police inspector and informs him that now Karan is in Luthra house. Police inspector asks him to not joke with him. Prithvi tells him that Luthra’s also involved in this matter except Sherlyn and Prithvi. Girish informs Luthra’s that he saw Police outside. Mahesh tells them that now every media will speak about it and scolds his family then asks them to rectify their mistake. Dadi asks him to not blame them.

Srishti suggests that they should hide Karan inside water tank. Rakhi likes her idea and takes Preeta with her. Mahira stops Preeta and asks her that why the latter seems tensed. Prithvi asks Preeta about Police. Rakhi tells Preeta that Karan is not in his room. Constable takes everyone downstairs. Prithvi informs Sherlyn about Police inspector’s arrival.

Police inspector asks Preeta about Karan. Rakhi asks him that why he is asking this question to Preeta. He warns her to not try to play Police and let them do their duty and if Luthra’s interfered then they won’t be able to face the consequences. Mahira thinks that if Police arrest Karan then she will put all the blame on Preeta.

Police inspector tells Luthra’s that they are going to search the house and asks Preeta to show Karan’s room first because he want to check that room. Rakhi thinks that Karan is not in his room and tells Police inspector that she will take him to Karan’s room.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he is going to Karan’s room and asks her to inform him if she saw Karan then. Srishti apologize to Mahesh saying that everything happening because of her. Dadi tells her that the latter did nothing wrong. Kareena tells them that she is happy that Karan is with them. Police searches Karan in his room. Then they goes to search other rooms. Prithvi thinks that he should do something.

Episode ends.

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