Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2020 Written Update: Preeta’s Karwa chauth

Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta goes to sleep saying tomorrow she has to wake up early for fasting. He stops her and says whenever Mahira gets close to him she gets jealous and says he can even prove his point and says she told him that coach called him when he was with Mahira in her room but the truth was he didn’t called her and she lied to him about the call.

She says he always blames her and says she was telling truth only his coach would have forgot about the call and says even though she passed the important message to him he is troubling her instead of being thankful. He says let’s leave coach topic and says she always used to say she doesn’t like him. She says she never said that. He says then she likes him. She says he is wasting her time and goes to sleep but by mistake he pushes her on the bed and she drags him with her.

They starts to argue with each other. He says all the things which placed in this room is belongs to him because this is his room. She says she is not any thing first of all and he didn’t accepted her yet so she doesn’t belong to him also and tells him to get up from her and pushes him aside. But he denies to get up until she apologize to him. She says it was his mistake so he should apologize to her first. He says he won’t apologize to her.

She says she really doesn’t have time to waste on him now and says let’s apologize to each other and end this topic. She counts 1 to 3 and says sorry and he laughs at her and gets up from her. She says he is cheater and throws the pillow at him. He asks who hits the husband with the pillow. She ignores him and sleeps on the sofa. He stares her and switch off AC so she can sleep peacefully. She realises that and switch on AC and goes to sleep.

Sristy tells Sameer that she is happy that Sarla took stand for Preeta in Luthra house. He says he is also happy because whenever wrong happens no one talks against it in this house but Sarla took stand for truth. She says Sarla feeling bad for Dadi and asks what’s happening there. He says to inform that only he called her and says everything is normal here and everyone busy with Karwa chauth preparations and says he will take care of Preeta.

She says he is so cute. He tells her to keep fast for him tomorrow. She asks why she should keep fast for him. He says if not for him then at least for her she should keep fast saying she became fat. She tells him to join gym before talking about her body and says he indirectly proposed her now and tells him to confess it properly then only she will keep fast for him.

Before he says anything Kareena comes there and seeing her he disconnects the call. She tells him to cancel all of Rishab’s meeting tomorrow because he has to be in the house to celebrate Karwa chauth. She warns him to not waste his time in stupid things and just concentrate on his work otherwise she will send him back.

Next day, Preeta wakes up and gets to know that Dadi asked Karan to behave nicely with her. Sherlyn scolds Rishab for not waking her when she has to go downstairs for sargi. He says he thought she wanted to sleep so he didn’t disturb her. Krithika teases Rishab, Karan seeing them early morning and asks they are also keeping fast or what.

 Rishab says they audience so just wanted to see the rituals that’s why they are here. Dadi gives sargi to Preeta. She gives laddu to Sherlyn which Sarla brought for Preeta but she denies to take it. Kareena blesses Mahira. Mahira asks her to bless her saying she should stay happy with Karan. Everyone shocks hearing her.

Episode ends.

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