Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2021 Written Update: Sandeep gives statement against Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya 18th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Dr Shashank tells himself that he knows that he did wrong by lying about Sandeep’s injuries but he don’t have any other choice. Prithvi comes out from one room and tells Dr Shashank to not regret because the latter lied for his kid. He gives money to him and warns him to not try to backstab him otherwise the latter will lose his kid and leaves from there. He recalls that how he learnt from Kritika that Preeta planning to meet Dr Shashank to know about Sandeep’s injuries and also how Preeta suspecting Sandeep’s accident. He sees Preeta leaving from Dr Shashank’s house and smiles.

Kritika learns that Sandeep worked for a year only in their company and four of his consignments got rejected. She wonders that why Sandeep claiming that Rishabh has to give payment to him. She tells everything to Prithvi. He tells her that he knows that she is worried for Rishabh and he feels helpless that he is not able to help Rishabh in any way. He gives rose to her and thanks her for marrying him. She tells him that only he can bring smile on her face in this situation too and hugs him. Sherlyn sees that and leaves from there. She tells herself that Prithvi cheating on her. Prithvi tells Kritika that he is trying to find out best Lawyer for Rishabh.

Meanwhile, Preeta and Srishti waits for Lawyer and the former tells the latter that everyone is worried for Rishabh. She says to her that she is not even understanding that what should be her next move. Lawyer comes there and tells Preeta that it’s a complicated case that’s why it’s hard to get bail for Rishabh but he is trying his best.

Prithvi enters Sherlyn’s room. She asks him to not get close to her and pushes him. She tells him that she is facing insult from Preeta and suffering by marrying Rishabh and everything happening because of the latter. They slaps each other. She warns him to not touch her again. He tells her that their break up won’t happen no matter what. He informs her that he learnt about Preeta’s plan from Kritika that’s why he gave rose to Kritika. She asks him to learn to keep her happy because if she went against him then he can’t tolerate it.

Preeta and Karan reaches Arora house. Preeta tells Sarla that she didn’t find any way to prove Rishabh’s innocence yet. Sarla asks her to not lose hope. Srishti informs her that what Dr Shashank told about Sandeep’s injuries. Sarla motivates them and tells them that she knows that they will prove Rishabh’s innocence for sure.

Next day, Rakhi prays to God for Rishabh’s release. Preeta also prays for Rishabh. She asks Rakhi to not worry because today she will bring Rishabh home. They reaches the court. Police brings Rishabh there. Prithvi thinks to meet Rishabh. Rakhi cries hugging Rishabh. He tells her that he did nothing wrong so he will be released today and asks her to not cry. She tells him that she feels helpless that she is not able to help him. He tells her that she is his strength and he has her blessings.

Court hearing begins. Sandeep’s Lawyer tells Judge that Rishabh tried to kill Sandeep because Rishabh didn’t wanted to give consignment payment to Sandeep. Sherlyn wonders that why she is feeling bad when she should be happy that she is getting rid of Rishabh. Rishabh’s Lawyer tells Judge that Rishabh didn’t give payment to Sandeep because of damaged consignment and moreover why Rishabh will try to kill Sandeep for just 10 lakhs. Sandeep’s Lawyer tells Judge that Sandeep warned Rishabh that he will give complaint against him to Police that’s why Rishabh took this decision. He informs him that Sandeep’s leg injury is really serious. Preeta tells Judge that Sandeep’s leg injury is not serious at all. Judge asks her to not interfere now.

Sandeep’s Lawyer calls Dr Shashank to witness box. Dr Shashank tells Judge that Sandeep’s leg injury is really serious and Sandeep may not be able to walk. Sandeep’s Lawyer calls Sandeep to witness box. Sandeep’s mother brings Sandeep there and she asks Judge to not leave Rishabh. Sandeep tells Judge that Rishabh destroyed his life. Sandeep’s Lawyer submits evidence against Rishabh. Judge announces that all of the evidence proves that Rishabh is culprit.

Episode ends.

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