Kundali Bhagya 18th January 2020 Written Update: Karan takes Preeta’s side in front of Mahira

Episode begins with Preeta informs Mahira about police investigation and Sherlyn’s blame. She says Sherlyn thinks she pushed Mahira in front of the truck. Mahira says nothing happened like that. Preeta gets happy hearing that. Mahira asks her to call the police inside so she can give her statement to them. Preeta gets relived but suddenly Mahira acts like Preeta hurts her and shouts for help. Everyone comes inside icu and shocks seeing Mahira’s condition. Mahira blames Preeta and says that Preeta tried to kill her and asks police to arrest Preeta. Sristy says Mahira talking rubbish and lieing about Preeta. Mahira says first Preeta pushed her in front of the truck and now again tried to kill her. Preeta says Mahiralieing. Mahira says to Police that Preeta threatened her too. Preeta asks Mahira to say the truth. Police orders constable to arrest Preeta. Preeta requests him to not arrest her and says she is innocent. That time doctor comes there and shouts at everyone and asks them to leave. Sristy says to police that everything is Mahira and Sherlyn’s plan to trap Preeta. She requests him not arrest Preeta without knowing the truth. Constable arrests Preeta. Sherlyn smirks seeing this.

On the other side, Rakhi says she is worried for Mahira. Karan tries to call Preeta and thinks why she is not picking his call. Dadi says she is totally fine now so no need to call Preeta. Karan gets suspicious hearing Dadi. Karan and Rakhi goes to hospital. Sristy fights with Kareena and Mahira’s mother. Sherlyn thinks everything happening in her favor and gets happy.

Sherlyn meets Mahira and says she is impressed with her acting. Mahira says she can do anything to remove Preeta from her life. They gets happy thinking that police will behave strictly with Preeta because of Mahira’s act. Sherlyn says her to not reveal to anyone about this plan. Mahira praises herself for her plan and act ,and thinks now no one can stop her marriage with Karan.

Sristy asks police to investigate the other people to who was there in that accident spot. Police says victim herself gave the statement and they too witnessed everything so no need to investigate others and takes Preeta to police station. Sristy follows the police van.

Karan and Rakhi comes to hospital. Rakhi enquires about Mahira’s health. Mahira says Preeta pushed her in front of the truck. They gets shock hearing her.

Sristy calls her Dadi and informs about  Preeta and Mahira’s accident. Sarla says she is coming to police station. Sarla says because of luthra everything happened that’s why she didn’t liked the idea of Preeta treating Karan’s dadi. She says Preeta needs her now and goes to Police station. Janki aunty too goes with her.

Karan says Mahira is misunderstanding about something and says Preeta can never do that. Rakhi agrees with him. Mahira gets stunned hearing them. Sherlyn says Mahira saying the truth and says Preeta pushed Mahira in front of the truck.

Episode ends.