Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2021 Written Update: Karan warns Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan wished Preeta happy valentine's day

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Episode begins with Prithvi searches Karan and wonders that where Karan went now and moreover Karan staying out of jail is not good for him, because joining hands with Preeta he will do something which will put him in danger. He sees Karan and follows him then tries to talk to him but the latter ignores him. Prithvi tells him that the latter can’t insult him like this and the latter don’t know about him and tells him that if he wanted then he can destroy him.

Karan warns him to behave like a human being with Kritika because the latter won’t be able to face the consequences if hurted her then and he is tolerating him for Kritika only then leaves from there. Prithvi talks to himself saying that he deliberately annoyed Karan so the latter can go inside the house because then only Police can arrest him.

Police comes to the hall. Karan also comes there from outside. Police inspector shocks seeing him and tells him that he was searching him only. Karan tells him that he will go with him and asks Mahesh to pay the bill in the city hospital. Mahesh gets confused hearing him. Police inspector asks Karan that why he returned to the house now when he can tell this in phone too and also asks him about Constables.

Srishti tries to answer him but Karan interferes and tells Police inspector that he admitted those Constables in the city hospital and he don’t have mobile that’s why came to his house directly. Police inspector reveals that someone called him and informed that Karan escaped from Police custody and his family also involved in Karan’s escape especially Srishti. Prithvi smriks hearing him.

Karan says to Police inspector that someone would have pranked him and Srishti is not that kind of person to do something like that. Police inspector tells him that he don’t like celebrities but Karan is good celebrity as well as good human being and he believes that the latter didn’t try to escape. Karan looks at Preeta and recalls that how he explained his plan to Preesha. Police inspector praises Rakhi for giving good upbringing to Karan.

Rakhi tries to confess her mistake but Karan changes the topic. Prithvi wonders that what exactly happening here because Karan changed the whole script and he hates that. Sherlyn thinks that now Karan won Police inspector’s heart too. Police inspector tells Mahesh that he will pay the hospital bill. Karan hugs everyone one by one and goes to Preeta and tells her that he will return soon and she should miss him and leaves the house with Police.

Prithvi moves towards his room and Preeta follows him and talks about Karan. He tells her that he is happy that Police behaved nicely with Karan. She reveals that it’s him who called the Police but Karan already decided to surrender himself to the Police. He tells her that he is only interested in her and he did nothing wrong. She tells him that he won’t be able to do anything wrong with Luthra’s no matter what and leaves from there.

Sherlyn gets afraid hearing Preeta. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he need time to find the solution. Rakhi tells Preeta that she forgot Mahesh’s medicines in their old house. Preeta and Kritika decides to go there to took those medicines. Prithvi tells them that he will drop them. Sherlyn tells Rakhi that she also want to accompany them.

Episode ends.

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