Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn reveals her pregnancy to Luthra’s

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Episode begins with Kareena tells Mahira to stay happy with her husband without taking Karan’s name. Dadi thinks if Rakhi was here then she won’t give couple blessing to Mahira no matter how adamant she is and tells Mahira to get husband who loves her so much. She gives sargi and laddu to Mahira. Mahira tells her give the one which Ramona brought for her not the one which Sarla brought for Preeta.

Kareena says Dadi giving her Ramona’s laddu only and Mahira takes it from Dadi. Dadi tells them to start eating their sargi. Sherlyn gets call from Prithvi but lies to her family saying Sanjana calling and leaves from there.

 Rishab asks can he eat sargi. Dadi says he can eat. Prithvi asks what’s happening in Luthra house and says Preeta would be getting so much attention there because it’s her first Karwa chauth but he is sure that she would not have kept fast for Karan saying she is such simple traditional girl and why she will keep fast for a person like Karan.She gets irritated hearing him. He says he feels Preeta would have kept fast for him.

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 She says he is wrong because for Preeta he is dead and he doesn’t have any place in her heart. She says it’s her last warning and tells him to not talk about Preeta in front of her again otherwise for her also he is dead. She scolds him saying she thought he called her to ask about her sargi. He assures her saying he called her to know about her sargi only it’s just that to know about Luthra’s he asked about Preeta because she is headline of them nowadays that’s why.

She reveals him that she didn’t keep fast for him. He gets panic hearing her and asks why she didn’t keep fast for him and tells her to keep fast for him because he wants to have long live and she also knows that how much he loves himself so she has to keep fast for him no matter what. She says she is always hungry and also she is pregnant so she won’t keep fast for him and disconnects the call. Prithvi says no one keeping fast for him and wonders what reason Sherlyn going to tell Luthra’s for not keeping fast for Rishab.

Dadi tells Girish to take the plates and clean the table. Preeta says she will take her plate. But Dadi denies her to do any work saying if she did any work then she will be exhausted and tells her to just take rest because this fast is really difficult one. Dadi warns boys to not torture the girls today. Rishab asks why she is telling this looking at him. Sameer says he never does anything like that. Karan says he is innocent, it’s just that this Sameer torturing Krithika nowadays.

 Rishab tells Karan to behave nicely with Preeta instead of fighting with her. Mahira tells Karan to not fight with her because she is keeping fast for him. Everyone gets silent hearing her. Dadi announces its time for next ritual. And gives the red saree and other things to Preeta saying this is what she has to wear for tonight’s pooja. Mahira asks where is her plate. Dadi says she has extra so will give it to her and searches Sherlyn to give one plate to her. Sherlyn says she can’t keep fast this year because she is pregnant. Rishab and Karan shocks hearing her.

Kareena and Dadi blesses her. Mahira congratulates her. Preeta hugs her and says she is happy that finally she revealed her pregnancy. Preeta gives juice to Karan and Sameer. Dadi scolds Karan for making her work. Preeta could not able to stand properly because of weakness. Dadi tells him to take her to room so she can rest there. Rishab was about to leave for office. But Kareena stops him saying he can’t go office today. Mahira tells Sherlyn that she can’t tolerate when Karan cares for Preeta. Sherlyn curses Preeta saying everyone cares about her and asks what happened to Ramona’s plan. Mahira says their plan will be successful.

Episode ends.

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