Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn asks Trucker to kill Preeta

Episode begins with Sarla cries saying she failed as a mother and didn’t able to save Preeta. Beeji consoles her and says Sarla can do anything for her daughters and Sarla tried every possible way to save Preeta. Sarla says she didn’t tried much that’s why didn’t able to save Preeta.


Janki says God won’t separate Preeta from Sarla so asks her to believe God and God will bring Preeta back to her. Trucker’s friends ties Karan with chair. Preeta asks who told Trucker to do all these? Trucker says he won’t answer her and asks her to stay silent otherwise he will kill her which he failed to do last time. Karan scolds Trucker and asks him to untie him. Trucker and his friends ties both Karan and Preeta with single rope because they had only one rope.


Sristy and Sameer reaches the dhaba and gets to know about Karan and Trucker. Sristy asks them about Trucker and gets to know his location and decides to go there. Karan and Preeta argues with each other and pushes each other by shoulders.

Karan says he is feeling hungry and Preeta gets angry hearing him. He says she should be happy because Karan luthra is with her in this situation and laughs. She cries saying tomorrow is hearing but she strucked with him. Karan asks Trucker to find one more rope because he can’t tolerate Preeta anymore. Trucker scolds Karan and asks his friends to put tape on Karan and Preeta’s mouth. Preeta gets more angry on Karan because of this.


Trucker calls Sherlyn and informs her about Karan and Preeta. Sherlyn doesn’t believes him so he sends Preeta and Karan’s picture to her. Trucker says he have new deal and he can kill Preeta now too. Sherlyn asks him to kill Preeta and says she will give more money and asks him to send proof after killing Preeta.

Trucker tells his friends that they have to kill Preeta and asks them to untie Preeta. Preeta asks them to untie Karan too but they drags her and she hits them and asks Trucker to untie Karan otherwise she won’t hesitate to kill him because she is already accused for attempt to murder. Trucker asks his friend to untie Karan and Karan hits everyone.


Police inspector calls lady constable and asks her to bring Preeta to police station in 2 hours otherwise he will give report of Preeta’s escape. Lady constable too agrees to bring Preeta. When Trucker tried to hurt Karan, Preeta saves Karan by hitting Trucker. They were checking Trucker is alive or not that time Trucker’s friend tries to hit Karan but Sristy and Sameer reaches there and saves Karan from Trucker’s friend.


Episode ends.