Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Update: Sarla scolds Sameer for asking Preeta’s help to stop Karan’s marriage

Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode begins with Kareena says they have to get Karan and Mahira married the next day so Preeta doesn’t get any chance to play with their feelings again. She says she knows Karan’s practice is important for him but he can continue that after marriage too, no one will stop him. Sherlyn, Mahira gets happy hearing that. Kareena asks did Karan really wants to save his family from Preeta? Karan nods at her. Kareena asks him to agree with her decision for his family.

Mahira says Kareena is right but whatever will be Karan’s decision she is with him, and she is ready for marriage. Karan says he is also ready for marriage. Rishab goes from there angrily, Sherlyn smirks seeing that. Sameer comes to arora house and informs about Karan’s marriage to Preeta and Sristy. Preeta recalls her moments with Karan and says if Karan and Mahira decided to marry each other then they can and goes to her room.

Sameer asks Sristy to make Preeta understand that they have to stop this marriage anyhow. He says Sristy knows how Mahira is, so this marriage should not happen, nowadays Sherlyn and Mahira always stick to each other and he is not getting any positive vibes from them. He asks her to think about it. Sristy says they can’t do anything, he knows how luthra’s treats Preeta then how can he expect this from them. She says Preeta always helped luthra’s going against Sarla but in return she just faced insults, now they can’t tolerate more insults and blames, if Karan wants to marry Mahira then let him marry her.

Sameer asks her to think calmly once, if she talks with Preeta then Preeta will agree to stop Karan’s marriage. Sarla comes there and asks him to leave the house and yells at Sristy for let him come inside their house even though she knows how much luthra’s hurted Preeta.Sristy says Sameer is with Preeta side only. Sarla asks Sameer to go and tell Kareena that she is wrong and Preeta is right, if he have guts then. Sameer stays silent.

Sarla scolds him badly and asks why he is silent? Sameer says he just came to inform Preeta about Karan and Mahira’s marriage which is gonna happen tomorrow. Sarla shocks hearing that and asks but why he came to her house to inform about Karan’s marriage. Preeta requests Sameer to leave from there. Sameer says he came to ask Preeta’s help to stop Karan’s marriage. Sarla says Sameer knows Sherlyn and Mahira is not good for luthra’s and he can’t do anything alone that’s why he came to ask Preeta’s help so at end everyone can just blame Preeta not him. Sameer leaves from there after apologizing to Sarla.

Preeta says there is no mistake of Sameer and asks Sarla to stay calm.She says Sameer just came to inform about Karan’s marriage and she doesn’t care about that. She says if Sarla thinks she is broken because of this news then that’s not true, she is not that much weak, she is strong enough to handle this news. Sarla takes Preeta in her embrace and both cries hugging each other tightly. Sarla says luthra’s are not good people they always hurted Preeta, they were the reason for her tears so Preeta need not to think good for luthra’s. Preeta asks her to forget everything, they will start their new beginning from tomorrow. (Episode ends).