Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update: Preeta apologizes to Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta tells Kavya that the latter is really sweet. Kavya hugs Preeta ( Maa meri song plays in the background ). On the other hand, Nidhi tells Luthras that Karan don’t have answers for her questions. She says everyone thinks Karan is always right, but that’s not true. And says that Karan also makes mistakes. She tells Kareena that she could not become wife when she came to Luthra house, but she became mother. She says that she sacrificed many things for this family and her family is getting separated from her because of Preeta so it’s obvious she will react. She asks why she is wrong for saying they are facing problems because of Preeta.

Karan asks Nidhi that what’s her problem and why she is thinking like this. Kavya comes there. Nidhi tells Kavya that the latter can give importance to Preeta. She says that Kavya has to accept they are facing problems because of Preeta and Rajveer. She tells them that Rajveer joined hands with Karan’s business rival to ruin Karan’s business. She adds that Karan tried to commit suicide because of Rajveer. Rakhi tells Nidhi that Rajveer is not responsible for all this.

Karan tells Nidhi that he is responsible for his decision. Nidhi tells him that he is defending Rajveer because he loves Rajveer more than Shaurya. Dadi tells Nidhi that the latter misunderstood everything. Nidhi tells Dadi that the latter disrespect her always. Kareena scolds Nidhi for talking like this with Dadi. Nidhi says that she won’t listen anyone when topic is about Rajveer and Preeta.

Rakhi says that she will ask Rajveer why Karan slit his hand. She calls Rajveer but no response from other side. Nidhi tells Rakhi that Rajveer is guilty that’s why he is not picking the call. She says that she is right and goes inside.

In the police station, Preeta comes to meet Shaurya. She tells him that he think he is behind bars because of Rajveer’s mistakes. She apologizes to him on behalf of Rajveer. Shaurya tells thanks to her for apology. He asks her to leave from there. She cries and leaves from there.

Mahesh tells Rakhi that everything will be fine. Kavya asks Mahesh that whether he thinks Rajveer is wrong. Nidhi asks Kavya to not defend Rajveer. Rakhi says that Rajveer is not bad person. She reminds Nidhi that how Rajveer saved Karan many times. She adds that Rajveer don’t work for Anshuman. Nidhi asks Rakhi to prove her claims. Rakhi says that Rajveer will come there and he will prove his innocence.

Anshuman tells Shaurya that he just asked half of property from Karan for Shaurya’s release. Shaurya pretends like Anshuman is beating him. Constable takes Anshuman from there.

Rajveer tells Preeta that he fought with Karan. Preeta asks him that how can he work for Anshuman. He tells sorry to her. She scolds him. They gets shocked seeing Rakhi and Kavya there. Meanwhile, Kareena asks Karan that how can the latter trust Rajveer. Karan recalls that how Rajveer told Srishti about revenge.

Episode ends.

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