Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi threatens Sherlyn

Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sonakshi tells Sherlyn that Kareena flopped her plan by suggesting adoption to Preeta and Karan. She reveals that she is giving pills to Preeta daily so she can’t conceive. Preeta moves towards Sonakshi’s room to ask about her report. Sonakshi tells Sherlyn that Karan is biggest problem of her life but unfortunately he is the solution too. She says to her that she loves him so much but he loves Preeta. She informs her that Karan took Preeta to hospital for check-up and now she can’t let anyone see Preeta’s report.

She notices Preeta and the latter falls on the floor. Then she helps her to get up. Preeta asks about report. Sonakshi gives the fake report to her and tells her that everything is normal and just vitamins are low so the latter should drink lot of milk and juice. Then she goes to bring drink for her. Sherlyn thinks that Sonakshi is really cunning. Meanwhile, Karan and Rishabh asks Rakhi about courier. She tells them that she has no idea about any courier. Karan notices an envelope in Preeta’s hand and informs Rishabh that Preeta got her courier.

In the kitchen, Sonakshi mixes pills in Preeta’s milk. She notices Sherlyn and tells her that she knows that the latter will follow her. She says to her that the latter won’t tell the truth to Luthra’s no matter what. She shows the video of Sherlyn meeting Prithvi in jail.

Sherlyn gets shocked seeing that video. Sonakshi tells her that she will show this video to Luthra’s if the latter showed her videos to Luthra’s then. Sherlyn tells her that she won’t do anything against her.

Karan asks Preeta about her report. He reads the report and tells her that everything is normal then why she seems upset. She tells him that she expected that her report will say that she can get pregnant but that didn’t happen. He hugs her to console her. He tells her that they are parents to Pihu already. Sonakshi comes there and gives milk to Preeta. Sherlyn sees that.

Karan asks Preeta that what Sonakshi doing in their house when she recovered completely. She asks him to not say loudly because Sonakshi may hear him. Sonakshi thinks that she can go any extend to get her lover and she won’t even hesitate to destroy someone’s life and leaves from there. Sherlyn tells her about Mahira but Mahira was not cunning like the latter. Sonakshi tells her that, that’s why Mahira could not get Karan.

Karan tells Preeta that her smile is his favorite thing. She tells him that something happened to him. He tells her that he feels restless if he can’t see her beside him then. He asks her to promise that they won’t talk about pregnancy from now on and for him nothing is important than her. She promises to him.

Next day, Karan informs Preeta that he has meeting to attend after his cricket practice. Sherlyn stops Rishabh from eating mushroom sandwich because he is allergic to mushroom. Karan asks Preeta that what happened to Sherlyn. Preeta tells her that Sherlyn taking care of her husband that’s it. Karan leaves for his practice. Preeta tells Rishabh that she can see love and care in Sherlyn’s eyes for him. He smiles and tells her that he also feels like that.

Episode ends.

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