Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn leaves luthra house

Episode begins with Preeta gets happy knowing Karan supporting her in this difficult situation. On the other side, Mahira stops Sherlyn and says Sherlyn won’t leave the house for this small reason and if Rishab is real reason then she is overreacting. Sherlyn says only Mahira understood that she was acting in front of luthra’s. Sherlyn says Ramona should say she won’t cut the cake untill Sherlyn comes back by this idea Sherlyn can come back soon. Mahira asks if that’s the matter then why Sherlyn even leaving now. Sherlyn says if Rishab saw that video he would have caught her lie that’s why she overreacted for the small matter. Mahira asks when police didn’t found her lie then how can Rishab will come to know? Sherlyn says she have original video that Mahira pushing Preeta one in her mobile that’s why she didn’t gave her mobile to Rishab. Mahira shocks listening this and asks Sherlyn still didn’t delete that video? Sherlyn lies to her that now she have deleted that original video and if Mahira doesn’t believe her then she can check her mobile. She thinks in her mind that she will never delete the original video because it will be useful to her in future. Mahira checks Sherlyn’s mobile and Sherlyn gets nervous seeing that. That time Ramona calls Mahira using that chance Sherlyn takes her mobile from Mahira and leaves from there.

Karan comes out of police station and recalls his moments with Preeta and gets emotional. Other side,Preeta recalls Karan’s promise and thanks God for showing right path to Karan. She believes she will clear all the misunderstanding they have once she comes out.

Sherlyn reaches her home and shouts at her mother when she asked why Sherlyn came here at this time that too alone. Sherlyn says Rishab always talks about Preeta and he compares her with Preeta that’s why she left luthra’s house. Sherlyn’s mother says Sherlyn can do her drama with others not in front of her and asks her to tell the truth. Sherlyn says she wanted to divert Rishab’s mind so he don’t ask her mobile and for luthra’s relations are matters so soon they will come to bring her back.

Sameer says it’s been so long still none of the family members came out. Rishab says maybe something big have happened. Rishab asks Mahira about Sherlyn. Mahira tells him that Sherlyn left the house. Rishab shocks hearing this and goes to meet Rakhi. Mahira searches Karan in party. Dadi asks Kritika to bring Karan. Rishab comes there and says Dadi can say to him whatever she wants to because Karan isn’t in home. Kareena asks leaving Ramona’s party where did he gone. Karan comes inside house and asks Mahira about his family members. She says they are upstairs.

Rishab says his only mistake was leaving his room in between the fight so Sherlyn can calm down. Karan comes there and says there was no mistake of Rishab. Rakhi says Karan to not interrupt. Dadi says she wants to talk with both Rishab and Karan. Rishab says Karan to stay silent other wise Rakhi will get angry. Dadi says Sherlyn just helped Mahira for that Rishab and Karan tortured Sherlyn so much that she left the house now. Karan tries to defend him but Dadi didn’t let him speak and she orders Rishab to bring Sherlyn back after apologizing to her. Rishab and Karan shocks hearing this.

Sarla and Sristy comes to police station to give food to Preeta. Sristy says she herself made food for Preeta and says they hired lawyer too for Preeta’s case so soon Preeta will be out. Preeta says maybe they won’t need any lawyer because Karan promised to bring her out. Sristy says if Karan promised then he will fulfill for sure. Preeta says he will prove her innocence.

Episode ends.