Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2021 Written Update: Krithika thanks Preeta for the surprise

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan thanks Preeta for the surpise she planned for Akshay and Krithika. He asks does she want to say something. Before she says anything Krithika comes there and hugs her then says it was such a beautiful surprise and everyone praised her. Preeta thinks everyone is happy and even if she wants she can’t say anything now. Karan goes to pick the call and Kareena comes there and says Preeta did drama in all of Krithika ceremonies but first time she did the good thing and says she is glad that finally she stopped suspecting Akshay. Krithika says everyone is happy now that’s what matters.

Kareena says she won’t return Krithika’s marriage responsibilities to her and leaves from there with Krithika saying she wants to show few jewels to her. Preeta wonders how Akshay changed the pictures.Akshay meets Babu and gives money to him. Then he goes with Megha from there.

Sristy knocks the door and Sarla opens it and welcomes her with smiling face. Sristy checks Janki and says she seems fine and says Sarla lied to her. Sarla keep smiling at Sristy. Sristy wonders why Sarla behaving strangely now and asks about her to Sarla. Janki says Sarla is fine. Sarla tells Sristy to go to her room and take rest. Sristy thinks why she is talking to her sweetly and moves towards her room. She says she went out without informing her still her mother is not angry and notices her window. She comes out and asks why Sarla locked her room’s window permanently. Sarla says Sristy always uses that window to go out instead of door that’s why she locked it. She says she is Sristy’s mother and she knows how to stop her from doing mistake.

Karan was talking about fight ticket. Preeta asks why he seems tensed and tells him to share the problem with her so she can help him. He says only she can help her and says he has to attend one important meeting because Rishab is not here but he has to miss Krithika’s ritual. He asks her to handle the ritual here on behalf of him.

Ruchika calls Akshay and says she was worried because he didn’t pick her call since morning. He says nothing can happen with him until she is with him and disconnects the call. He thanks Megha for coming in his life and kisses her. She goes to washroom to change her dress. Then he calls Preeta and asks her to meet him in back side of Luthra house. Megha asks him to drop her but he refuses.

Sameer calls Sristy. Sristy starts to complaint about Sarla to him and doesn’t let him speak anything. She asks now how she can go out . He says he will bring tools for her and she can unlock it so she need not to worry.

Akshay meets Preeta . Krithika too comes there and says he came here to drink her hand made mango shake and goes inside to prepare it. She says he is such a disgusting guy. He says she also trying to expose him but failed everytime.

Episode ends.

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