Kundali Bhagya 1st June 2024 Written Update: Shaurya and Rajveer gets released

Kundali Bhagya 1st June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Lawyer asks Anshuman that why the latter looks confused. Anshuman says that he is wondering why Luthras agreed for the deal easily. Lawyer tells Anshuman that Luthras don’t have any other choice because Shaurya is in jail. He says that Shaurya is Luthras priority, not business. Anshuman says that Luthras are up to something for sure. He adds that he thought Luthras will object the deal but Luthras did not even react.

Lawyer tells Anshuman that they are not going to lose anything in this deal. He suggests to invite police commissioner and media reporters to the party. Anshuman tells lawyer to arrange bail for Shaurya and Rajveer. He says that if anything went wrong then he will put Shaurya and Rajveer behind bars again.

On the other hand, Sukhwinder compares Shanaya and Palki’s personality. She says that no one will say Shanaya and Palki are sisters. She tells Shanaya that Palki is like Preeta’s shadow. Shanaya asks Shukwinder to not tell like this in front of Daljeet. Shukwinder asks where is Palki. Shanaya informs Shukwinder that Palki went to temple.

Meanwhile, Palki prays to God. Preeta and Rakhi comes there. Palki gives prasad to kids. Preeta spots Palki and goes to her. Palki says that she will give prasad to others and leaves from there. Beggars blesses Palki. Palki notices that one lady’s saree caught fire. She goes to that lady and saves the latter. That lady blesses Palki. Preeta and Rakhi sees everything. Rakhi tells Preeta that Palki is really pure. Preeta agrees with Rakhi. Palki comes there. Preeta appreciates Palki. Palki goes inside to take aarti plate. Rakhi says that Palki is good person like Preeta. Palki gives prasad to them. They leaves from there.

In the Luthra house, Nidhi asks Karan that when Shaurya will come home. Karan tells her that he is going to meet lawyer and Shaurya will come home in the evening. She asks him to not trust Preeta because Preeta has no idea about business. Kareena asks Nidhi to not worry about Shaurya. Nidhi asks Kareena to not take Preeta’s side. Kareena tells Nidhi that she trust Karan. Preeta, Palki and Rakhi comes there. Palki gives prasad to Luthras. Dadi says that she is worried what will happen in the party. Rakhi assures Dadi that nothing bad will happen.

Later, Mahesh asks Luthra ladies to calm down. Dadi tells Mahesh to keep quiet. Preeta comes there. Karan tells everyone that Shaurya and Rajveer got bail. Preeta and others gets happy hearing this. Mohit tells Preeta that Palki told Preeta to take medicine. Karan scolds Preeta for forgetting medicine. Preeta says that she was worried so she forgot it. Shaurya and Rajveer comes. Rakhi says that her Karan and Arjun has been arrived. Everyone gets happy seeing Shaurya and Rajveer.

Episode ends.

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