Kundali bhagya 20th December 2019 written update: KARAN AND PREETA STUCK IN THE TRIAL ROOM

The episode starts with Karan tying Preeta’s dori. She feels the closeness but jerks his hands away as he tries to come closer to her. She pushes him away.

On the other hand mahira thinks to spend some time with karan while kareena is selecting a dress for her but she is surprised to see the trial room empty when she comes there.

She looks around for karan and then thinks that she shall wear the dress in the meantime and then call karan to help her.

Sarla also comes towards the trial room thinking that she asked Preeta to keep the door open.
Meanwhile bashes him for coming in her trial room and tying her dori. Karan says that she herself asked him to do that but she replies that she thought it was her mother. He says that she had seen him while he was tying her dori but didn’t stop him. He asks him whether she had started liking his closeness. She says that she was just shocked.

Karan pulls her closer and asks her to confess that she likes his closeness. Preeta pushes him away and says it’s his misunderstanding and she doesn’t even like him. She is about to leave when he says that even he didn’t like coming closer to her. She says that it’s not even that she forgot the world when he was close to her. In fact she doesn’t care about him at all, she isn’t affected by his closeness.

Karan says that no girl is unaffected by his closeness. She denies that so he starts coming close to her pinning her to the door. He asks him whether she is affected now. They are very close to each other. “maana dil” plays.

Preeta asks him to move away. Karan touches her chin and starts coming closer to her. She pushes him away and asks him what is the need of this drama. She shouts at him that she doesn’t like him. He asks him not to shout.

On the other hand sarla comes in front of kareena.
Karan opens the door and before leaving he asks her to forget everything that just happened. Preeta sees sarla so she drags karan inside and stops him from going in front of her mother.

Karan asks her if she thinks that he is afraid of her mother. She says that he is not because he hasn’t seen her anger otherwise he would be afraid for a lifetime. Karan asks her why she wants to save him from sarla. She replies that sarla hates him and if she sees him she will scold him a lot.

Karan says that she was right to call him kareli. Preeta tells him the same.
Kareena mocks sarla saying that it looks like she found a new rich groom for Preeta. Sarla says that she doesn’t need to look for any groom as proposals come to her since she is such a good girl.
Mahira comes there and sarla says that she has warned even her not to marry karan since he is not a good guy. Kareena bashes her.

Preeta asks karan why his Bua always talk like this to her mother. Karan says that even her mother does the same. They argue.
Sarla says kareena that she needs to learn manners but she knows it’s useless to say this.
Karan asks preeta see how sarla is talking to kareena. Preeta says she is doing the right thing.
Just then mahira starts bashing sarla too. Preeta gets angry and wants to go outside. Karan says he will go first. She denies. He says they shall go together then. He holds her hand. They look at each other and recall their moments together while maana dil plays.

Preeta removes her hand from his grip.
Sarla tells mahira that she is talking about luthra family and she isn’t part of that family. Mahira says that she is going to be part of it. Sarla warns her about luthra being betrayals and bad people.
Kareena ask her to shut up.

Sarla leaves. Just then karan comes there and asks kareena and mahira to leave too.
After a while mahira shows the dress she bought to karan who goes to get a matching dress for him. Kareena sees preeta and tells preeta to show her that karan is hers.
Mahira stops preeta and asks her whether she wants to impress karan.
On the other hand Sarla and karan come face to face.

Kareena asks preeta why she is buying such expensive clothes if she doesn’t want to impress anybody. Preeta says that only they don’t have the right to buy expensive stuff. Mahira tells him that they can see that she wants to stop her marriage with karan and is pretending that she doesn’t care. She says that she is sure that she came in the mall for Karan.

Sarla says that she has thought to kill him when she will see him but she isn’t able to do that since she remembers the day he had come to their house for the first time and had saved preeta from goons. She says she has loved him like a son and always sacrificed for him. She asks him why he did that with them after saying that he loves preeta on the Mandap. She says that she did a mistake believing him and giving Preeta’s hand to him. She bashes him for making preeta suffer. She cries and asks him why he left her daughter on the road alone without thinking about her once.