Kundali Bhagya 20th February 2020 Written Update: Karan brings Preeta to luthra house


Episode begins with Karan says they have to take Trucker too with them. Preeta asks why they have to take Trucker with them? Karan ignores Preeta’s question and asks Sameer to bring rope and taunts Preeta saying she is dumb. She asks him to answer her. He says they came to find Trucker only and still he didn’t tell the full truth so they need him that’s why they gonna take him with them to his house. She says he can’t take Trucker to his house because that’s against law.

Karan says he knows what is right and wrong and he needs Trucker to fulfill his promise. Sristy agrees with Karan. Preeta asks Sristy to not support Karan in his wrong doings and says by doing this, he will end up in trouble so she suggests to take Trucker to police station. But Karan denies with her and says they doesn’t have time so asks Preeta to understand his point.

Karan calls Lady constable and informs about Trucker and his decision. Lady constable agrees with Karan and asks Preeta to listen him. They takes Trucker with them.


Karan and Preeta argues with each other in car when Preeta told she have to check once again that Trucker is alive or not. Sristy says Karan is right for that Preeta asks Sristy to use her brain too sometimes instead of always agreeing with him.

Sameer says Preeta is cute but Karan interrupts him and says she is just duffer nothing else. Police inspector shocks knowing Preeta still didn’t reached police station and calls Lady constable and asks her to give the mobile to Preeta. She tells him that Preeta went to washroom and Police inspector decides Preeta escaped and orders other constable to search Preeta.

Preeta says she is not Sristy who always agrees with Karan and asks Sristy to sit front seat. Karan says he is not Preeta’s driver so he won’t drive and asks Sameer to drive the car.


Sarla asks Janki about Sristy she gets worried after knowing Sristy is not in home and says Sristy will be shattered now thinking she didn’t able to save Preeta because Preeta matters for her so much. Janki consoles Sarla and calls Sristy but Sristy doesn’t attends her call. Police checks everyone’s car seeing that Sameer says he will go in other way but Sristy stops him and says it will increase police doubt.

Preeta says if police saw her and Trucker then it will be problem for everyone. Before police comes to them Karan covers Preeta’s face with his jacket. Police tells to Sameer that he have to check the car. Sameer says Police can’t check the car because famous cricketer Karan luthra is owner of the car. Police enquiries about Sristy and she tells him that she is lady driver and wherever Sameer gets tired she will drive the car.

Police sees Karan and says he is big fan of him and asks him one selfie with him. After taking selfie with Karan, police leaves them without checking their car. Preeta says she got afraid seeing the police and stays silent. Karan holds her hand to comfort her and recalls their moments. They reaches luthra mansion. Sristy calls Sarla and says she will reach home soon. She leaves from there after bidding bye to everyone.


Everyone shocks seeing Karan with Preeta. Sherlyn thinks how Preeta escaped from Trucker. Police inspector decides to search Preeta in her home. Sristy reaches her house and apologize to Sarla for coming late. She says Karan really tried to save Preeta but Sarla asks her to not trust him.

Ramona asks why Karan is with Preeta. That time Sameer brings the unconscious Trucker there. Sherlyn and Mahira shocks seeing the Trucker there. Karan tells everything to them. Ramona asks how can Karan kidnap goon? Karan says Trucker tried to kill Preeta, he brought Trucker with him to know who is behind the Trucker. Rishab asks Krithika to take Preeta with her.

Preeta hesitates to go inside so Rakhi goes to her and says Preeta is injured so she needs rest and asks Krithika to take Preeta. Rishab asks Sameer to bring rope to tie the Trucker. Sherlyn reaches her room and gets worried thinking if Trucker told the truth about her to everyone then she have to leave luthra house and asks what will happen with Mahira if he told Mahira only pushed Preeta in front of the truck.

Mahira too gets worried. Ramona says if police comes to know about this then it will affect Karan’s image. Sameer and Karan ties the Trucker. Ramona asks Rishab why he is supporting Karan when he knows Karan is wrong.


Episode ends.