Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2020 Written Update: Karan believes Mahira’s blame against Preeta

Episode begins with Sherlyn says Preeta pushed Mahira in front of the truck. Karan says he didn’t asked her and says her to stay silent. Then he says to Mahira that Preeta can never do something like that. Mahira denies him.

Ramona angrily says her daughter facing so many struggles to marry him but he is not even believing Mahira. Mahira says to her mother that she will explain Karan. Karan says no need to explain anything to him and says he knows Preeta. Mahira says she and Preeta were walking on same footpath and Preeta pushed her. Karan says it would have happened accidentally.

Ramona asks why Mahira didn’t told to Karan about mehanti day. Kareena says Mahira cares for him so much but he is not even believing her in this big issue. Karan asks what Mahira hiding from him. Mahira says to Karan that Preeta warned her to not marry Karan because he already married Preeta. She lies to him that Preeta planning to ask alimony from him and says Preeta even tried to kill her in hospital.

Karan says it’s impossible. Kareena says they all saw and police too that’s why police arrested Preeta. Karan shocks hearing her. Mahira tries to convince him but he doesn’t let her say anything and goes from there angrily.

On the other side, one lady constable says Sristy can’t stay with criminal like this. Sristy argues with her and says her sister isn’t any criminal. Preeta asks Sristy to stay silent. Sarla and Janki comes there and sees Preeta and Sristy. Janki asks Sarla to not scold them. Sarla meets Preeta and says she trusts her daughter and says nothing will happen to Preeta. Preeta cries and says no one believing her. Sarla says she knows that Preeta can never hurt anyone not even her enemies.

Karan comes out of the icu and recalls Mahira’s talks. He thinks if Preeta had any problem with Mahira then why didn’t she talked with him instead of doing this with Mahira. Mahira asks Rakhi to believe her. Rakhi says she loves and trusts both Mahira and Preeta equally. She gets worried thinking about Preeta’s condition and cries. Sherlyn says Rakhi doing wrong with Mahira by trusting Preeta. Rakhi goes from there.

Mahira gets irks thinking Karan and Rakhi didn’t believed her. Sherlyn says her plan can separate Karan and Preeta permanently or bring them more close to each other. Mahira says she will win this game definitely. Sherlyn tried to advice her but Mahira says she doesn’t need Sherlyn’s advice and asks her to leave the room. Sherlyn goes from there angrily.

Sarla meets inspector and says her daughter is innocent and asks him to leave Preeta. Janki says Preeta is a doctor and she very well know the value of one person’s life. Police says he can’t help them in this case but she can try to convince luthra’s to withdraw the complaint. Preeta asks Sarla to talk with luthra’s and says she have belief that they will listen to Sarla. Nurse says to Ramona that they can’t discharge Mahira today. Ramona cries thinking about Mahira’s health. Rakhi consoles her. Sarla says she will try to convince them for Preeta and goes from there.

Episode ends.