Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Update: Ramona blames Preeta for Mahira’s missing

Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rishab apologize to Mahesh for not able to protect him, he informs about Karan and Mahira’s marriage. He says he always liked Preeta for Karan because she is the right one for Karan. Karan comes there and asks what Rishab doing in Mahesh’s room? Rishab says he was complaining about Karan to Mahesh. Karan angrily says everything happening because of Preeta, Mahira won’t lie and everyone feels same. Rishab asks if Preeta really pushed Mahesh then why she was standing there and keep shouting his name.

Karan says their family would have reached there before she could run away from there. Rishab says he will never believe that Preeta can do something like this with Mahesh and asks what Karan’s heart saying? Karan says what his heart says, what his mind thinks that’s not matter especially when Mahesh again went to coma and goes from there angrily.

Rishab feels something wrong going to happen and he is not getting it how to make Karan understand. Karan comes to his room and recalls his moments with Preeta. On the other side, Preeta cries recalling the moments she shared with Karan. Sristy consoles the crying Preeta.

Sherlyn was looking after the arrangements of marriage and thinks today her choice going to be luthra’s daughter in law. Ramona asks Sherlyn about haldi preparations. Sherlyn says everything is ready for haldi ceremony. Ramona says today she is so happy because Mahira is happy. Sherlyn thinks Mahira is not innocent like everyone thinks about her, only she knows Mahira’s real character. Ramona and Sherlyn goes to Mahira’s room and gets to know that Mahira is missing.

Sherlyn thinks everything is ready for marriage but where Mahira went without informing her. She tries to call her but Mahira doesn’t attends the call. Rakhi asks why Ramona seems tensed? Ramona says Mahira is missing and not attending the call too. Sherlyn says she searched Mahira everywhere in the house. Rakhi says maybe Mahira went to temple because it’s her marriage today. Ramona says something is wrong definitely because Mahira never goes anywhere without informing her.

Sristy asks Preeta to drink the tea and says everyone went to temple. Mahira comes to arora house, Sristy tries to push her outside before Preeta can see Mahira there. Mahira says she came to talk with Preeta. Sristy says they are not gonna listen her and was about to push her again but Preeta stops Sristy and says Mahira can say whatever she wants to say. Ramona asks Dadi about Mahira? Krithika asks did Ramona got any letter in Mahira’s room? Dadi and Kareena scolds Krithika for asking this.

Sherlyn says Mahira loves Karan and she desperately wanted to become Mrs. Karan luthra so she would not do anything like that. She says at least Mahira should have informed them before going out. Ramona asks did Preeta again did something wrong with Mahira? Sherlyn smirks hearing that. Rakhi says Preeta can’t do something like that. Ramona says when Preeta can do wrong with Mahesh then why not with Mahira.

Episode ends.