Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Update: Kareena and Dadi scolds Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Sarla advices Preeta to check that Sandeep is in hospital or not. Sameer tells Preeta that if she went to hospital then it may go against them in the court. She tells him that already nothing going on in their favor so they should take this risk. She asks Sameer to take Pihu to Luthra house. Srishti and Preeta leaves for hospital.

After some time, they reaches the hospital. Srishti asks Receptionist about Sandeep’s discharge. Receptionist tells her that his condition is serious so he is in the hosptial only but no one is allowed to meet him. Srishti tells her that Preeta is physiotherapist and Sandeep is Preeta’s patient. Preeta goes inside and gets shocks finding no one in Sandeep’s room and she informs about it to Srishti. She comes out of the room.

Sudeepa brings Sandeep in wheelchair. Preeta asks Sandeep that what was he doing in the market because she saw him there. He tells her that, that’s impossible and if he can walk then why he will be in the hospital. She tells him that he is lying and leaves from there. Sudeepa asks Sandeep to get money from Prithvi as soon as possible because Preeta kind of girl can go any extend for their family.

Srishti tells Preeta that she is happy that finally they found evidence. Preeta tells her that Sandeep is in hospital only but she is sure that she saw him walking in the market. She doubts herself that she can do anything or not because nothing happening in their favor. Srishti motivates her saying that they will win in the end. Preeta tells her that they should not lose hope and tomorrow they will try again.

Dadi tells Kareena that society badmouthing about their family. Kareena asks her to ignore them because they comments like this about everyone’s life. Preeta and Srishti enters the house. Kareena asks Preeta that why the latter send Pihu with Sameer and where was the latter till now. Preeta informs her that she saw Sandeep in the market so she went to hospital to check that Sandeep is there or not that’s why she told Sameer to took Pihu home.

Kareena tells her that the latter’s excuses are really good. She accuses her that the latter must have been roaming with Srishti till now because the latter really don’t care about Luthra’s. Dadi also agrees with her. Srishti asks them that how can they even accuse Preeta like this. Preeta asks her to stop it. Kareena tells them that they are acting very well. Dadi scolds Preeta for not stopping Srishti and she talks about upbringing. Preeta asks her that why the latter bringing this topic now. Kareena tells her that Karan loves his family too so she will tell everything to him.

Sandeep calls Prithvi and asks about money. Prithvi asks him to not disturb today because he agreed to give money tomorrow and disconnects the call. He gets an idea to arrange money. Other side, Preeta tells Srishti that Luthra’s are stressed about Rishabh so the latter should not have reacted like that. Srishti tells her that they will try to instigate Karan against the latter. She says to her that one thing today proved that Luthra’s didn’t accepted her yet. Preeta tells her that she knows that when to answer and when to stay silent. Srishti tells her that she want to stay with her tonight and goes to washroom.

Episode ends.

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