Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2021 Written Update: Pihu beats Sonakshi for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Dadi praises the taste of laddus. Kareena asks Sarla about the payment of the order which shocks everyone. She asks them that why they are looking at her like this and Sarla deserves to get payment for her hard work. Sarla tells her that she is not here as caterer but she is here as Karan’s mother in law so she don’t need any payment and she hugs her. Rakhi takes Sarla to Lord Ganesh idol. Meanwhile Goons tries to enter Luthra house with their Boss. But Security guards stops them saying that only guests are allowed to enter the house. Boss tells them that they are not guests. Security guard is about to call Mahesh so Goons beats them and locks them in the car.

Rishabh takes Kareena aside and tells her that everyone changed except her and asks her that when will she change. She asks him that what she did wrong by talking about payment to Sarla. She tells him that she never accepted Sarla as their relative. He tells her that she is really good person and asks her to be polite with Sarla. She tells him that she brought Pihu for Karan and Preeta’s happiness because she cares about her family. He tells her that she just cares about her blood related people and he is not fighting with her. She tells him that she knows that he won’t fight with her and asks him to not go anywhere again. She reminds him that Pihu completed Karan and Preeta’s family so the latter should plan for a baby too. He tells her that Pihu also his daughter only. She tells him that she will try to change herself.

Boss and Goons enters Luthra house. Dadi tells Preeta that they have so much laddu boxes. Preeta and Kritika takes the boxes inside. Mahesh notices Goons and asks them that who are they. Boss tells him that Mahesh Luthra invited them. Mahesh tells them that he is Mahesh Luthra but he didn’t invite them. He leaves from there to solve some other problem.

Kritika asks Preeta that don’t the latter feel uncomfortable with Sonakshi because Karan and Sonakshi had a past. Preeta tells her that even Goons changes so they should not judge the person with their past. Kritika praises her.

Boss tells his Goons that they won’t leave without taking their boxes. Pihu tells Preeta that she want to help her. Srishti takes the boxes from Kritika. Sonakshi takes the boxes from Preeta. Preeta gives one box to Pihu and picks her. They goes to kitchen. Preeta screams seeing the wire. Karan teases her. Pihu takes Preeta’s side saying that Preeta is really strong. Srishti tells her that she belongs to Karan’s team. Pihu starts beating Sonakshi when the latter tried to beat Preeta. She asks Sonakshi to apologize to Preeta. Sonakshi apologizes to Preeta and leaves from the kitchen. Pihu asks Karan to take her to their room. Karan picks her and leaves from there.

One of the Goon tells Boss that they should check the store room first. Srishti tells Preeta that Pihu loves the latter so much. Sonakshi gets pissed off thinking that how Pihu beat her for Preeta. She talks to herself saying that she wants Pihu’s love to get Karan.

Episode ends.

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