Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2020 Written Update: Police reaches Preeta’s house to search her

Episode begins with Rishab says Kareena only taught him to do everything for family and he is following her advice only that’s why he is supporting Karan. He says when it comes to family he does not sees right or wrong. He asks her to understand him that why he is doing all these. Rakhi gets emotional and hugs Rishab.

Karan says he is doing good thing but everyone pampering Rishab , hearing him Rakhi hugs him too. Rakhi asks Karan to take rest but he denies to go saying he will wait till Trucker gets conscious for that she says everyone is here only so he need not to worry.

Karan goes to his room. Kareena says she taught Rishab to support his family but Preeta is not his family, just a criminal who escaped from police that’s it and says Trucker’s right place is police station not their house.


Mahira tells Sherlyn that she didn’t asked luthra’s to do her marriage with Karan because she loves him instead Kareena came to her with Karan’s marriage proposal and says she didn’t came between Karan and Preeta because only she have full rights on him so whatever she did with Preeta is right only. Sherlyn asks Mahira to stop her drama and says Mahira did wrong by pushing Preeta in front of the truck. Mahira says Sherlyn only asked her to do that then how can Sherlyn blame her now and says she should not have trusted Sherlyn.

Sherlyn says she told this to check Mahira can handle the pressure or not and says she will support Mahira always. She asks Mahira to talk with Karan. Mahira goes to Karan and says he should call police because they knows to handle this situation well.

Karan says he knows what is right and wrong and moreover he already handled these kinda situations so she need not to worry and goes from there. She thinks Karan is not listening her so decides to talk with Kareena and Rishab. Mahira tells Rishab that Karan doing wrong in anger and no one says anything to him. Rishab says they will deal with this issue and asks her to take rest and for him Karan doing right.


Preeta tries to apply ointment on her injury that time Karan comes there and helps her to apply ointment. Mahira sees that and goes from there. Preeta notices Karan’s injury and she puts ointment on wounds. Sristy gets call from Sameer and she informs him that Police inspector gets to know that Preeta escaped.

Sameer says he will inform Karan. Sristy says anytime Police may reach their house to search Preeta. Sherlyn asks did Karan called Police by listening Mahira? Mahira nods as no and says family members too didn’t listened her.

She tells about Karan and Preeta’s close moments too and cries thinking her truth may come out in front of everyone. Sherlyn says Karan and Preeta should not come close to each other and says she will do something. Mahira asks her to think any idea otherwise both will be caught.


Beeji heard Sristy’s talk with Sameer and asks Sristy to tell everything. So Sristy tells everything to Beeji. Beeji asks Sristy to not tell anything to Sarla. That time Preeta calls Sristy and asks about their family. Beeji too talks with Preeta. Sameer tells Karan what Sristy told him.

Ramona hears that. Police inspector reaches Preeta’s house and searches her after not finding her there, he leaves from there. Mahira calls police station and says she saw Preeta beside luthra house. Ramona asks why she did that? Mahira says no one should know about this.

Rishab searches in Trucker’s pockets thinking he may get any proof but he doesn’t gets anything.Krithika gets worried thinking about Preeta’s family. Kareena thinks Krithika is her daughter but her daughter likes everyone whom she hates.



Episode ends.