Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2024 Written Update: Rakhi tells Karan about her dream

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Palki tells sorry to Rajveer and leaves with Shanaya. Shaurya tells thanks to Sandy for bringing shoes on time. Sandy tells Shaurya that he heard their conversation so he brought new shoes. Rajveer goes inside to find bike keys. He searches bike key.

On the other hand, Nidhi wakes up and notices that Karan did not come yet. Karan enters the room and notices the decorations. He asks Nidhi that what is all this. She hugs him and wishes happy valentines day to her. Rajveer gets angry after seeing this and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Preeta notices it’s raining. She calls Rajveer but no response from other side. She asks God to not let anything wrong happen.

Later, Karan tells Nidhi that his life changed completely today. He asks her to stop dreaming about something which won’t happen never. He says that he is indebted to Nidhi for the things she did for his family. He warns her to not try to enter his life. Nidhi gets shocked hearing this. He tells her that he already said few things are not possible between them.

She tells him that loves him. She asks him that why he is not understanding her feelings. He tells her that she knew he loves Preeta and he belongs to Preeta only. He says that in his life, love means Preeta for him. He adds that today he got his love and today he lost too. She gets confused hearing him. He tells her to remove the decorations and leaves from there.

Rajveer recalls that how Nidhi hugged Karan. He says that Karan is womanizer and Karan betrayed Preeta. Karan comes there and he tries to talk to Rajveer. But Rajveer leaves from there. Karan searches Rajveer in the house. Dadi takes Karan to Rakhi’s room. Shaurya gets relieved that Karan did not meet Rajveer. Girish searches Rajveer to give bike key.

Preeta waits for Rajveer. Gurpreet tells Preeta to sleep because Rajveer must be enjoying in the party. Meanwhile, Rajveer tells himself that he hate Karan. He says that Preeta is suffering because of Karan but Karan is enjoying his life. He notices Anshuman’s card and decides to meet Anshuman.

Karan asks Rakhi that what happened. Rakhi tells him that something wrong is going to happen. She says that Preeta did not recognize her in her dream. She asks him that how is this possible. She adds that she is scared and cries. Dadi tells Rakhi that it was just a dream so the latter should forget it. Nidhi says that dream won’t become reality. Rakhi says that her heart says something wrong happened. Karan recalls that how Doctor told him about Preeta’s memory loss. He tells Rakhi that it was just a dream. He sends Dadi with Nidhi. He asks Rakhi to take rest. Rakhi asks what if her dream turns into reality.

Episode ends.

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