Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2021 Written Update: Preeta confirms her pregnancy

Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mahesh thanks Karan for giving happiness to him and teases Rakhi. Kareena compliments Mahesh. Kritika informs them that cake is ready and asks about Dadi. Rakhi replies her that Dadi went to temple. Kareena asks that did Preeta also went to temple with Dadi. Karan tells her that Preeta went out for some other work so she tells him that Preeta should not have left alone in this condition. Preeta comes there and Mahesh thanks her for giving happiness to everyone and blesses her.

She moves towards her room and drops the pregnancy test kit by mistake and Kareena notices that and tells her that Daimaa will confirm the pregnancy so the latter need not to use that kit and leaves from there. Preeta goes to her room and Karan follows her and gives pregnancy test kit to her and tells her to confirm it. She hugs him in happiness and he asks her to inform him about the result first. She goes to washroom.

Arora’s reaches Luthra mansion. Janki asks about Preeta. Sherlyn tauntingly asks her that did the latter brought diamond for Preeta. Janki asks her that when the latter will change and she can clearly see that the latter is jealous of Preeta. Sherlyn tells her that because of Preeta she is not able to become a mother. Sarla takes Janki from there.

Srishti tells Sherlyn that she used thought Mahira is responsible for her miscarriage but she is wrong and reveals that Sherlyn tried to kill Preeta but that day Mahira pushed her towards the truck. Sherlyn asks her that how the latter knows about it. Srishti tells her that the latter’s face tells everything and leaves from there.

Preeta comes out of the washroom and Karan asks her that what happened and why she is not saying anything and makes her sit on the bed and goes to washroom then comes out and tells her that she is really pregnant and they smiles and she hugs him. Sherlyn sees them and thinks that she has Rishabh and Prithvi still she is not happy like them.

Preeta and Karan comes downstairs. Everyone congratulates them. Sarla gets emotional seeing Preeta and blesses her and Karan. Srishti tells Sarla that she is waiting for her turn and congratulates Karan and Preeta. Janki tells Preeta that the latter glowing so much. Preeta tells them that she invited many guests but they didn’t arrive yet.

Rakhi advices her to not take tension for these small things because that is not good for the child. Dadi tells Preeta that they didn’t invite many to protect her from evil eyes. Sameer tells them that he shared about it in social media and others asks him to delete it. Preeta is about to bring Dadi’s cake but Rakhi stops her and tells Sherlyn to bring the cake.

Sherlyn picks Prithvi’s call and complaints about Luthra’s to him. He asks her to not get jealous. She tells him that she will get revenge from Preeta because Preeta is responsible for her miscarriage. He warns her to not do anything but she refuses to listen him and disconnects the call.

Episode ends.

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