Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update: Anjali tries to seduce Rishabh 

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rishabh drops Anjali at her home. Anjali apologizes to him for talking like that in the conference room. He tells her that that’s fine. She asks him to drink tea with her if he really accepted her apology then. He tells her that Preeta is waiting for him and Kavya won’t sleep without him. She get off the car and slips. He also get off the car and he helps her to walk. In the Luthra house, Rakhi asks Dadi that what is she doing in the hall. Dadi tells her that she wanted to sit alone for sometime. She says that she is lucky to get Rakhi as her daughter in law. Rakhi tells her that she is lucky. She says that Dadi never let her miss her mother. 

Anjali asks Servant to bring tea. She asks Rishabh to check the legal papers. She takes him to study room. She falls on him. He makes her sit on the chair. He asks her to mail the papers and he will check it. She asks him to drink. He tells her that he has to go home. She says that they are friends so he need not to get awkward. He tells her that he has to drive. She convinces him to drink one glass. She thinks that he has to enter her bedroom then only she can ruin his reputation. Meanwhile, Rakhi notices that diya goes off. She tells Dadi that it’s a bad omen. She says that something bad going to happen. Dadi asks her to not imagine bad things. Rakhi asks God to protect her family members. 

Rishabh is about to leave but Anjali stops him and convinces him to drink one more glass. Servant brings tea there. She keeps the tray on the table and leaves from there. Anjali tells Rishabh that he is handsome. She holds his hand to stop him. He tells her that he has to leave. She falls down. He comes to help her and she drags him. She tells him that she know he feel something for her. 

Rakhi tells Dadi that she gets scared of every little things after Karan’s death. She says many wrong things happening with them nowadays. She adds that Rishabh is alone now. Dadi tells her that they are with Rishabh. Rakhi tells her that no one can fill Karan’s place. 

Rishabh scolds Anjali. He picks Kavya’s video call and tells her that he will reach the house in 30 minutes. Anjali forcefully touches Rishabh and removes his jacket. He pushes her and leaves from there. Servant sees Rishabh leaving the house. Dadi asks Arjun to bring medicine for her. Rishabh enters his house. He recalls that how Anjali behaved with him. He wonders that why Anjali behaved like that when she know he is married. He thinks that he can’t tell Preeta about it. Preeta comes there and asks him that if he is fine. 

Episode ends. 


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