Kundali Bhagya 21st October 2021 Written Update: Preeta learns about Sandeep’s deal

Kundali Bhagya 21st October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi gives his account details to Accountant and asks him to transfer 80 lakhs in that account. Accountant tells him that he can’t transfer this much big amount without Luthra’s permission. Prithvi tells him that it’s not for his personal use but for Rishabh’s release actually he want to hire a good Lawyer that’s it and moreover Mahesh is not well and Karan is out of city so they can’t get anyone’s permission. He says to him that now company is his responsibility. He threatens him that if Mahesh got to know that the latter refused to help for Rishabh’s release then Mahesh will fire him for sure.

Accountant agrees to transfer the money and leaves the cabin. Prithvi picks Sherlyn’s call and informs her that now he is in Luthra company and he is going to get 80 lakhs. Sherlyn gets surprised hearing him. He disconnects the call saying that Sandeep calling him. Sandeep asks Prithvi to give money soon because he need to pay for hosptial bills too. Prithvi asks to meet him in some factory at 3pm to get money. He receives 80 lakhs and smiles.

On the other hand, Preeta informs Srishti that she dropped Pihu in school and going to meet Rishabh. She notices Sandeep and disconnects the call without saying anything and follows him. Prithvi picks Sandeep’s call and tells him that he got stuck in traffic. Sandeep warns him to not play any game with him. He asks him that he will get his money or not. Prithvi asks him to be patient and disconnects the call.

Preeta picks Srishti’s call and informs her that she is following Sandeep and tells the location to her. Srishti tells her to not go inside until she reaches there. She asks Sameer to drive fast. Sandeep enters the factory and wonders that Prithvi will give money or not. He recalls Sudeepa’s warning and calls Prithvi again. Prithvi hits someone’s car and fights with that guy. He picks Sandeep’s call and informs him about the situation.

Sandeep thinks that Prithvi making excuses. That accident guy asks Prithvi to give money to repair the car and the latter refuses. Sandeep misunderstands that Prithvi refusing to give money to him. He threatens him to tell the truth to Preeta. Prithvi asks him to not imagine too much because he refused to give money to accident guy and disconnects the call.

Preeta overhears Sandeep’s conversation with Prithvi. Srishti and Sameer comes there. Preeta tells them that Sandeep was talking to someone about deal and she is sure that, that person will reach the factory soon. Prithvi struggles to handle the issue and he picks Sherlyn’s call and yells at her. She asks him to give money and leave from there. He gives money to accident guy and taunts Sherlyn. She gets angry and disconnects the call.

Sandeep hears noise. Preeta records him. Prithvi reaches the factory and Sandeep notices him and thinks that he need to stop Prithvi from entering the factory because someone else is there.

Episode ends.

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