Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2021 Written Update: Rakhi confronts Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Kritika asks Prithvi that what is he doing alone. He tells her that he is thinking about his business. She teases him and leaves from there. Sherlyn gets pissed off seeing that. She notices Rishabh talking to someone and thinks that he changed so much and also it looks like he is hiding something. She moves towards him to eavesdrop. Prithvi notices Rishabh and thinks that now Sherlyn is the latter’s wife because of him. He thinks that Sonakshi and Rishabh will look good together. Then he notices Sherlyn staring Rishabh and gets jealous. Rishabh leaves from there so Sherlyn follows him. She shocks when Rishabh said “i love you” to someone on call. Prithvi also hears that.

Mahesh tells Goons that he didn’t invite them so they should leave. Boss asks him to listen his music once. Mahesh tells him that he is not interested now. Robin pleads him to not cancel the contract. Rakhi comes there and tells Mahesh to give payment to them. Mahesh asks Goons to play romantic music. Goons starts screaming which irritates Mahesh and Rakhi. Rakhi asks them to stop and mockingly thanks them and leaves from there. Mahesh asks them to get payment from him later and leaves from there. Boss asks his Goons to find their drug boxes.

Prithvi asks Sherlyn that why she stared Rishabh. She tells him about Rishabh’s extra marital affair. He asks her that what is she saying and Rishabh is naive person so the latter must have misunderstood Rishabh. She tells him that she heard Rishabh talking to his girlfriend. He tells her that then she must be right about Rishabh’s extra marital affair. Kareena and Rakhi overhears their conversation. Sherlyn asks Prithvi that how can Rishabh do this with her. She kicks him and leaves from there.

Meanwhile Preeta asks Pihu that what the latter doing in the kitchen. Pihu asks her that is the latter doing fine. Preeta tells her that she is totally fine but she is busy so she will spend time with her tomorrow. She leaves from there with boxes. Pihu tries to take her doll. Goons comes there and asks her about the boxes. She asks them to give her doll to her. They gives the doll to her. She tells them that her family took the boxes to guest room and leaves from there. Boss and Robin decides to find the guest room.

Kareena and Rakhi discuss about Rishabh’s extra marital affair. Rakhi tries to talk to Rishabh but he goes to his room. They follows him and questions him. He asks them that what happened to them. Rakhi tells him that they got to know about his extra marital affair. He shocks hearing them. Kareena tells him that she never thought he will do something like this. Srishti overhears their conversation and leaves from there.

Rishabh tells them that he said “i love you” to 5 years old baby. They asks them to call Sherlyn and say “i love you” to Sherlyn. Srishti informs Rishabh’s extra marital affair to Sameer. Karan hears that and tells them that he is happy with this news and leaves from there. Srishti fights with Sameer for Sherlyn. Rishabh calls Sherlyn and asks her to come to their room.

Episode ends.

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