Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2020 Written Update: Sarla pleads for help

Episode begins with Sarla says she already knew Kareena will never help Preeta because Kareena doesn’t like Preeta. And she requests Dadi to withdraw the complaint otherwise police won’t release Preeta. Ramona says Rakhi should not take Sarla’s side because Preeta tried to kill Mahira. Rakhi says she is not taking anyone’s side but just saying the truth and says Preeta is really a good girl and she can never try to kill someone. Ramona says instead of thinking about Mahira’s condition Rakhi still thinking about Preeta. Ramona insults Sarla and says she will not leave Preeta easily that too when Preeta tried to kill her daughter. Ramona says Rakhi behaving like something wrong happened with Preeta but in real wrong happened with Mahira. Rakhi tries to say something butKareena takes her from there. Sarla says even Dadi knows Preeta can never do anything wrong and asks her to help her. Ramona asks Sarla to leave the house. Sarla says she just wants her daughter and warns Ramona to not talk anything bad about Preeta.

On the other side, Kareena says Rakhi to stay in her room , and she will handle everything downstairs. Rakhi tries to go but Kareena stops her and says Rakhi will just support arora’s so she can’t let her go downstairs. And Kareena locks Rakhi in her room and goes from there.

Sameer calls Sristy to share his happiness with her. But Sristy rudely talks with him and he doesn’t understands anything. Later she explains everything. Sameer consoles her and says he will handle everything so she need not to worry about Preeta.

Sarla says she just came for her daughter nothing else. Ramona asks Dadi to control Sarla. Dadi says to Sarla that she doesn’t wanna talk about Preeta’s case and says she herself not understanding anything. Sarla gets shocks listening her. Kareena comes there and taunts Sarla. Ramona says no one loves Preeta in luthra house . Sherlyn tries to take Ramona’s side but Sarla asks her to stay silent. Kareena gets angry and says Sarla can’t speak like this with luthra’s daughter in law. Sarla mockingly says she doesn’t know luthra’s respects their daughter in law. Kareena asks Sarla to leave the house.Sarla says she won’t leave until they agrees to withdraw the complaint. Kareena says she will call police if Sarla doesn’t leave the house then.Sarla says luthra’s doesn’t deserves Preeta’s love. Ramona says Preeta is criminal and says luthra’s doesn’t need Preeta’s love. Sarla says she did mistake by coming here. Sarla angrily says to Ramona that she will definitely release Preeta even though no one helps her.She says God will help her for sure and goes from there.

Sameer tries to call Karan but he gets call from Rishab. He says about Preeta to Rishab. Rishab gets shocks after knowing Sherlyn complained against PreetaPreeta and he leaves from airport to help Preeta.

In police station, Preeta asks Sristy about Sarla. She says Karan would have handled everything till now. Sristy stays silent seeing Preeta’s belief on Karan and prays to God to help Preeta.

Episode ends.