Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Ruhi’s information to stun Pallavi!

Kundali Bhagya 23rd February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan talks to Preeta’s photo. He says that he is not part of Preeta’s life now but his love for her won’t change. He recalls that how Nurse told Preeta about Srishti’s treatment bill. He decides to pay Srishti’s treatment bill and leaves for hospital.

After some time, Karan reaches the hospital and tells Nurse that he want to pay Srishti’s treatment bill. Nurse asks him to fill the form. He writes Mr. Abhishek Mehra in the form. He thinks that he don’t want Rajveer to find out he helped the latter.

Meanwhile, Rajveer tells Security guard that he want to go inside the hospital. Security guard tells Rajveer that he can’t allow the latter. He says that Rajveer is drunk and also visiting time is over. Rajveer tells Security guard that his Srishti Maa is inside and he will leave after talking to her. He goes inside. Karan sees everything. He follows Rajveer.

Rajveer enters Srishti’s room. He tells her that he shared his problems with her always and now he need her badly. He says that Srishti is his friend and his support. He asks her get up and console him. He says that he is in pain. He informs her that his father is really bad person. Karan gets shocked hearing this. Rajveer tells Srishti that Karan never tried to search Preeta. Karan thinks that he searched Preeta.

Rajveer tells Srishti that Preeta’s life got destroyed because of Karan but Karan is happy with his love and his family. He says that Karan gave only pain to Preeta. He reveals that he came to Mumbai to take revenge on Karan but he forgot about his revenge. Karan gets shocked hearing this. Rajveer tells Srishri that he will take revenge on Karan for hurting Preeta. He says that he hate Karan.

On the other hand, Preeta decides to wait for Rajveer outside the house. Gurpreet tells Preeta that she will accompany the latter. In the hospital, Karan recalls Rajveer’s words. Rajveer comes out of the room. Karan helps Rajveer to sit on the chair. Rajveer assumes that he is hallucinating Karan. Karan takes Rajveer from there.

Palki gets worried about Rajveer and she could not sleep. Shanaya asks Palki to not disturb her sleep. Palki says that she will go to Gurpreet’s house to see Rajveer. Shanaya tells Palki to sleep in Gurpreet’s house. She realises that she was rude and she apologises to Palki.

Intoxicated Rajveer murmurs that he hate Karan. Karan asks Rajveer to not hate him. Rajveer faints. Karan says that he is also in pain. He tells Rajveer that he thought Preeta is no more. He scolds Rajveer for not understanding his pain. He says that Rajveer don’t know about his suffering. He adds that Rajveer don’t know how he lived without his wife and his son.

Episode ends.

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