Kundali Bhagya 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Police release Preeta

Episode begins with Preeta says Sristy need not to worry about her because anytime Sarla may come with Karan here to release Preeta. Sristy apologize to her and cries. Preeta asks did Karan too blamed her? Before Sristy says anything Sarla comes there. Preeta asks no one came to release her? Sarla stays silent.

Kareena apologize to Rakhi for locking Rakhi. Ramona says she is upset with Rakhi because Rakhi took Sarla’s side instead of her. Sherlyn enquiries Rakhi health seeing her silence. Rakhi says she doesn’t think anyone here cares about her and says she is feeling like an outsider. And says if her husband was with her then no one would have dared to behave like this and goes from there.

In hospital, Mahira acts she doesn’t able to eat and Karan helps her. She gets happy. Karan gets call from Kareena and she says Sarla threatened them to withdraw the complaint so she told Sarla to leave the house. Karan says she did right. Kareena gets happy. Karan gets call from Rishab but he doesn’t attends his call.

Ramona is not understanding how easily Karan convinced with Kareena’sbehavior. Kareena is happy thinking he is in her side. She says Karan doesn’t have any feelings for Preeta and ready to marry Mahira. She says she only saved Rishab from Preeta and did his marriage with Sherlyn and the same way she will save Karan too from Preeta and will do Karan and Mahira’s marriage. Ramona says she fully trusts Kareena. Rishab gets call from his lawyer and asks him to reach police station.

Preeta asks Sarla did luthra’s trusted her? Sarla stays silent. Preeta understands no one trusted her. Sarla says she will ask anyone else help and will release Preeta for sure. That time Rishab comes there and Sarla scolds him. But he consoles her and says nothing will happen to Preeta. Sristy asks why he is here? He says he came to support his family and says their is lot of misunderstandinds between both families but he won’t leave arora’s side. He says to Sarla that bail procedures are already done and police will release Preeta soon. Preeta asks Rishab about Karan. He replies he came here directly from airport so he doesn’t know.

Sherlyn praises herself for her plan. She thinks this time Preeta’s life got saved because of Mahira’s stupidity but not next time. And she decides to meet her mother and gets happy thinking Rishab is not here you to save Preeta.

Police shouts at arora’s, seeing the crowd in his station. Lawyer comes there and submits the bail papers to police. Rishab asks police to release Preeta and says he withdraws the complaint too on behalf of his wife. Police orders constable to release Preeta. Everyone gets happy and thanks Rishab for his help. Rishab says he did for his family so no need of thanks. Sristy thinks maybe Karan really doesn’t know about Preeta.

Episode ends.