Kundali Bhagya 23rd July 2020 Written Update: Rakhi takes stand for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rana says Preeta gave him money to kidnap Rishab. Sristy says he is lying, they doesn’t have that much money to give him and asks him to tell the truth. Rana says Sarla is also with Preeta in this kidnapping. Rakhi slaps Rana and says they asked him to tell the truth not lie. She says she knows Preeta and Sarla very well and they can never do something like this. Rishab asks who told him to take Preeta’s name. He says she put her life in danger to save him and he is blaming her now, asks him to tell his dumb boss name. Sameer and Police inspector reaches there. Rishab asks Police inspector to take Rana. Rakhi says Rana lying about Preeta so Police inspector need not to believe him. Rishab asks Police inspector to interrogate Rana till he tells the truth. Mahira says she is not understanding that why everyone believes Preeta and says she feels Rana telling the truth about Preeta. Preeta asks her to stay silent and says Mahira too knows that he was lying. She asks why he will kidnap Rishab. Mahira says there is a reason behind every actions and Preeta too have the reason and that reason is stopping her and Karan’s marriage.She says Preeta can go any extend to stop her marriage and she did all planning and plotting to stop the marriage. She says Preeta gets successful too that her marriage time passed already and says Preeta did the planning and Sristy executed the plan. Preeta asks her to stop telling lies. She says she is not involved in this kidnap but yeah she doesn’t want this marriage to happen. She says she doesn’t want this marriage not because she wants to enter luthra house but because she knows Mahira is not good girl. She says Karan deserves better girl than Mahira.

Karan shouts at Preeta to shut up. He says he will marry Mahira, and what Preeta says doesn’t matter. He says Rakhi trusts Preeta lot but she can’t make place in his heart, for him she is nothing and leaves from there. Sherlyn, Mahira smirks. Rishab apologize to Preeta on Karan’s behavior and thanks her for saving him putting her own life in danger. Kareena says she will make sure that the next day Karan and Mahira’s marriage happens. And she will put tight security that any unwanted people doesn’t able to enter. She says she is with Mahira no one can stop her marriage so she need not to worry and they leaves from there. Preeta thanks Rakhi for understanding and believing her. She asks her to not support again because her family will turn against her if she supports her then. She thanks Rishab for supporting her and Sristy. She says he always took stand for her whenever he got chance as a friend. She first time got chance to do something for him then how can she stay silent without doing anything. Preeta and Sristy leaves there.

Janki waits for Preeta and Sristy. She sees them and asks them to go to silently to Sarla room and sleep there. Sristy asks why they have to sleep in Sarla’s room. Janki says Sarla waiting for them in their room that’s why. She says Sarla knows that Sristy went outside through window. Sarla comes there and asks what’s happening. She says she has the rights to know what’s happening in her daughters life. Preeta tells her about Rishab’s kidnapping and she saved him. Sarla says at end luthra’s would have insulted Preeta.

Episode ends.