Kundali Bhagya 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Kritika slaps Sherlyn

Kundali Bhagya 23rd July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Yashoda reveals that Preeta is bearing twins and everyone gets happy hearing her except Sherlyn. Dadi cuts her birthday cake and they feeds each other. Then Preeta, Karan cuts their cake to celebrate Preeta’s pregnancy which irks Sherlyn. Mahesh dances with Preeta and Karan on “Meri duniya tu hi re” song. Karan drags Rakhi to the dance floor and dances with her then he dances with Preeta. And everyone joins them except Sherlyn. Sherlyn thinks that her first attempt failed but she won’t back off untill she gets succeed in her plan and spreads marbles on the staircase again.

Kritika notices that and asks her that what is the latter doing and reveals that she is glad that Prithvi informed about her intention and drags her to upstairs. Srishti notices that and assumes that Kritika get to know about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair and follows them. Kritika slaps Sherlyn and the latter is about to slap her but she holds her hand and asks her that how dare she to try to kill Preeta’s unborn child. Srishti hears that and attacks Sherlyn and tells Kritika that she also noticed marbles on the staircase and yells at Sherlyn.

She tells Kritika that they should reveal the truth to everyone but Kritika stops her and drags her aside saying that Prithvi informed her about Sherlyn’s depression and she don’t want to spoil others mood now. Srishti tells her that if they didn’t expose Sherlyn today then tomorrow she will do something else and it’s God’s grace that nothing happened to Preeta today but anything can happen in the future.

Sherlyn thinks that only Kritika can help her now and apologizes to Kritika and Srishti and falls on their foot saying that she won’t try to harm Preeta’s unborn child again. Srishti asks Kritika to not believe Sherlyn’s fake apology. Sherlyn promises to not repeat her mistake and she will take care of Preeta too. Srishti asks Kritika to not believe Sherlyn’s act. Kritika tells Srishti to not tell anyone about it for family’s sake. Srishti warns Sherlyn to not even think to harm Preeta and her unborn child and leaves from there.

Sarla asks Preeta to take care of herself and listen Karan. Yashoda leaves the mansion after blessing Preeta and Karan. Rakhi asks Sarla to not worry about Preeta saying that they will take care of her. Sarla tells Srishti that they should leave now. Srishti tells her that she didn’t talk to Preeta properly yet and Arora’s leaves the mansion. Luthra’s goes to their room. Kritika sends thank you message to Prithvi. He gets happy after reading the message and talks to himself saying that he is glad that nothing happened to Preeta. Sherlyn calls Prithvi but no response from other side.

Karan and Preeta adores the baby swing then they starts arguing with each other. She asks him to not argue with her otherwise she will complaint about him to Rakhi. He stops her and tells her that she don’t love him anymore. She asks him to not get jealous of their child.

Episode ends.

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