Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2021 Written Update: Rishabh questions Sherlyn about her pregnancy

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi thanks Sherlyn for putting so much effort to get him out of jail. She tells him that she don’t want his thanks but love. He tells her that he is lucky that she loves him this much. Rishabh overhears their conversation and leaves from there. He recalls that what he heard few minutes back in jail, while driving. He also recalls that how he met Sherlyn and how she accused him of raping her and how he married her. He drinks alcohol and stops the car. He thinks that that night both were unconscious so there is a possibility that nothing happened between them. He wonders that what if everything was Sherlyn’s drama.

On the other hand, Sonakshi helps Rakhi to serve. She asks Preeta about Karan. Preeta tells her that he left for practice. Rishabh enters the house. Dadi asks him to have food. Preeta goes to close the door and realises that he is drunk. Rishabh ignores everyone and goes to his room. Luthra ladies wonders that what happened to him. Preeta tells them that he seems tired so must have went to freshen up. She thinks that something happened for sure.

In the room, Rishabh recalls Sherlyn and Prithvi’s conversation. He tells himself that he is hurt because he never thought anything bad for others still these all happening with him. He decides to find out that who was the father of Sherlyn’s child. He searches something in his room.

Sonakshi asks Preeta that did Pihu had food. Preeta replies her that she already feed Pihu and now Pihu playing with toys. Sherlyn enters the house. Kareena asks her to have food. Girish goes to give food to Mahesh. Preeta asks Sherlyn to take her and Rishabh’s food to their room because he must be watching match so she don’t think that he will come downstairs. Sherlyn nods at her and takes food towards her room. Sonakshi wonders that why Preeta seems tensed.

Preeta goes to Sherlyn and tells her that Rishabh seemed upset that’s why she asked her to have food with him to cheer him up. Sherlyn tells her that she will handle it. She enters the room and notices the messed up room. Rishabh comes out of the washroom. He tells her that he thought she loves him but he was wrong. She tells him that she didn’t get what is he saying. He asks her that how she planned everything. She asks him that about which plan he is talking. He tells her that he knows that he don’t matter for her and asks her to accept that she just used him till now.

He asks her that does she even know the meaning of wife. He asks her that does she deserve the love and respect her family gives her. He informs her that he knows that she is having an affair with Prithvi. He asks her that who was the father of her child. She tells him that she did nothing and she just loves him. He tells her that she made sure that he marries her by trapping him and his family. He reveals that he saw everything by himself and asks her to not tell that he was her child’s father.

Episode ends.

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