Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2020 Written Update: Preeta notices Mahesh’s smiling face and his hand movements

Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The Episode begins with Mahira asks Karan to recall about the property notice Preeta sent it to him. Preeta says she didn’t send any notice. Kareena asks her to not lie, she very well knows Preeta only send that notice. Kareena asks Priest to break the marriage saying they don’t accept this marriage. Dadi suggests Karan to take reverse pheres to break the marriage. Preeta says she wants to stay in luthra house. Karan says he too wants the same. Mahira gets hyper hearing him and says Preeta cheating him and asks him to break the marriage.

The priest says marriage is just marriage, now no one can break this marriage and there is not any ritual that exists to break the marriage. Rakhi and Rishab notices Mahesh and gets emotional. Mahira asks Rishab why he is behaving like nothing happened. Rishab says who told nothing happened when marriage happened in front of everyone. He says he knows how she feels right now but she has to accept it that will be better for her.

Mahira leaves from there angrily, Sherlyn follows her. Ramona says this marriage is cheating, how can Rishab behave like this. Rishab asks Sameer to take Mahesh to his room. Preeta notices a movement in Mahesh’s hand and tries to follow him but Kareena stops her from going inside. Sherlyn asks Mahira to listen her but Mahira leaves from kitchen after taking a knife with her. Sarla asks Janki to close the door and windows saying big storm going to come. She feels something bad going to happen and prays to God to support Preeta.

Janki consoles her and hopes Karan to realize his mistakes. Sarla says even if Karan realizes his mistakes she won’t give Preeta to him because he crossed all the limits to hurt her. She says it’s good he is marrying a girl like Mahira because he doesn’t deserve Preeta. She says she will never send Preeta to luthra house, they just knows to insult her. She says Karan invited Preeta just to hurt her and he won’t change.

Kareena asks Sristy to take Preeta from there. Ramona asks Karan to marry Mahira saying she loves him so much and cries badly. Preeta recalls Mahesh’s hand movement and goes to his room. Mahira says she won’t leave Preeta and follows her to stab her but Sherlyn stops her. Preeta reaches Mahesh’s room and asks him to get up saying he knows everything and he even smiled at her.

She says he knows that she is right and she has to fight against wrong people and asks him stand by her side. She says no one believes her but she knows that he will support her and asks him to get up. She says it’s about their family, everyone’s life is in danger so they has to fight. She asks him to get up for him and cries. Mahesh moves his hand. Kareena says she warned Karan to not invite Preeta but he didn’t listen her. She says Preeta can’t stay in luthra house even for a second too and goes inside to find her.

Karan says he invited her to satisfy his ego and she wanted to stop this marriage, she got successful too. Sherlyn puts kerosene on Mahira. Preeta notices Mahesh’s hand movement and says she understood that he is with her. She says his health improving and asks him to try more even though it’s difficult but he can do it.

Episode ends.