Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2020 Written Update: Mahira comes to know about Preeta’s release

Episode begins with Karan recalls Mahira’s words and his moments with Preeta. He thinks Preeta can never harm Mahira and runs from hospital to reach police station. Janki complaints about police’s rude behavior but Sarla defends them. Rishab says he will drop arora’s. Sarladenise his offer first but later agrees to go with him. Karan reaches police station and inquiries about Preeta. When inspector told him that he can’t meet Preeta , Karan rudely talks with inspector and says without meeting Preeta he won’t go from police station. Police informs him about Preeta’s bail. Karan gets to know that Rishab bails Preeta out.

Preeta meets her Dadi. Sristy asks how Rishab know about Preeta’s arrest. Rishab says Sameer informed him. Dadi thanks Rishab for his support and says Karan should have came to release Preeta. Rishab says Karan doesn’t know about Preeta’s arrest. Dadi calls him inside house but he denies to go saying he have pending works to do. Sristy thanks Sameer and kiss him on his cheek and runs from there. Janki sees that.

Rishab comes his house and asks about Sherlyn to Kareena. Kareena says Sherlyn gone to her mother’s house. Rakhi tells him about Sarla’s arrival. Kareena tells him she locked Rakhi in her room. Rishab takes Sarla’s side and shouts at Kareena. When Ramona tries to defend Kareena, Rishab says no one tried to kill Mahira. Ramona says Mahira never lies. Rishab says it would be Mahira’s misunderstanding and there was no mistake of Preeta that’s why he bails her out. Ramona and Kareena gets shocks hearing him. He says them to not question his decision. Rakhi gets happy knowing Preeta’s release. Kareena shouts at Sameer for informing Preeta’s arrest to Rishab.

Rishab meets Karan and gets to know Karan already know about Preeta’s arrest but didn’t tried to release Preeta because he believed the blames against her. Rishab gets upset with him for this and says Karan should have listened his heart instead of others. Karan blames himself for Mahira’s condition and says he was confused that’s why didnot tried to help Preeta. Rishab orders Karan to help Preeta and goes from there.

Preeta calls Karan but he doesn’t attends her call. Preeta thinks Sristy lied to her or not. Sristy comes there and tells her that she lied to Preeta. Preeta says maybe Karan was busy that’s why he didn’t attend Sristy’s call. Rishab gets sad thinking about arora’s condition at police station that too because of luthra’s. He feels everything changed now between both families. Rishab decides to support arora’s forever.

Karan comes hospital to meet Mahira. Mahira says she can face any problem to become his. He says he have to meet doctor and goes from there. Mahira gets happy thinking that her and Karan’s love story started after Preeta’s exit from their life. That time Karan comes there and informs her about Preeta’s release. She gets shocks listening this news.

Episode ends.