Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2020 Written Update: Karan promises Mahira that he will marry her

Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sarla says she knows how luthra’s can behave and she is sure that they would have insulted Preeta again. She says she doesn’t care what they feels but it matters when someone insults her daughters, when someone hurts Preeta, that’s why she always denies her to meet luthra’s because they will never change. She asks why Preeta keep doing the same mistake and keep hurting her. Preeta asks Sarla to not cry and says she wants to tell something to her. Mahira blames Sheryn for stopping her marriage. Sherlyn asks what she did that Mahira blaming her. She says next day Mahira’s marriage will happen without any problem.

Mahira warns Sheryn and her boyfriend to not create any problem in her marriage. Sheryn says Karan may have yelled at Preeta but Rakhi and Rishab still trusts Preeta and they are strong pillars of luthra family, so Mahira should do something that Karan should just listen to her not Rakhi and Rishab. Preeta says Sarla is right that she should not do all this. She says Rishab was the one who helped her when she came to Mumbai, he is the one who supported her always, he is very good friend her and someone was kidnapping him in front of her eyes then how can she stay without doing anything for him.

Sarla says she is so proud of Preeta and she knows how much Preeta cares about others. She says Preeta can do anything for others but by doing this she hurts herself most.

Mahira tells Kareena that she is so afraid about what will happen on her marriage day, what if Preeta creates another problem. Kareena says Mahira need not to worry about anything, Preeta can’t do anything and Mahira’s marriage will happen with Karan for sure. She says Preeta can’t enter luthra house. Mahira hugs Kareena and thanks her. Janki praises Preeta saying how well she explained to Sarla everything and asks Sristy to learn that from Preeta. Preeta asks Sristy why she called Karan when she denied her to call him. Sristy says she called Sameer but by mistake Karan heard everything. Karan and Preeta remembers the time they spent with each other.

Mahira meets Karan and asks will he marry her. Karan says he promised her already and he will marry her definitely. Mahira hugs him and thanks him. She says she is so tensed. She asks what will he do if Rakhi or Rishab asks him to marry Preeta instead of her saying Preeta is good for him. He says he won’t forget his promise and will marry her. She tries to hug him but he moves from there saying he is so tired that he wants to rest. She leaves from there thinking she came to get his promise only and she knows that he won’t break his promise.

Sameer comes to Karan’s room and says he wants to rest in his room because of rain his bed is wet now, he forget to close the window so. Sristy says it’s raining let’s enjoy it. Preeta says she doesn’t like rain. Sristy says Preeta will remember Karan by seeing the rain that’s why saying like this. Karan wakes up from his sleep. Sameer asks how was his dream. Karan asks he is talking about which dream.

Sameer tells Karan that he was mumbling Preeta’s name in his sleep. He says Karan told that he doesn’t want to lose Preeta in his sleep. Karan asks him to stop. Sameer says what he did, he is just saying the thing which Karan told in his sleep. Karan leaves from there. Sristy thinks Preeta seems so calm but she knows that Preeta thinking about Karan’s marriage. Preeta recalls how Karan told her that he will marry Mahira for sure.

Episode ends.