Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi invites Luthra’s for her marriage

Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Srishti calls Preeta and informs her that how Sherlyn attempted to kill her unborn child and warns her to stay away from Sherlyn because even though Sherlyn apologized, she don’t believe her and the latter asks her to not worry saying that she will take care of herself. Karan snatches the mobile from Preeta and asks Srishti to talk to Preeta later saying that he want to spend time with his wife. She asks him that what she will get if she disconnected the call now then and he tells her that he will love Preeta more than earlier and she disconnects the call after hearing him. He makes Preeta sit on the bed and pulls the baby swing slowly and she side hugs him and cries in happiness.

Next day, Sherlyn assumes that Preeta didn’t wake up yet and tries to take advantage of that to impress Luthra’s. She snatches the juice tray from Girish and goes to Dadi, Mahesh saying that she made this juice for them. Mahesh asks her that from when she started working and is about to drink the juice but Preeta stops him saying that that’s not sugar free and gives the smoothie to him and Dadi and lies that Sherlyn made this for them. Sherlyn goes to the kitchen to bring breakfast.

One girl throws the ball at Karan and Preeta catches it. Karan teasingly tells her that she seems familiar to him and she chases with cricket bat to beat him and he hides behind Preeta. Then he introduces Sonakshi to Preeta saying that they are college friends. Dadi tells Sonakshi that the latter changed so much now. Kritika gets excited seeing Sonakshi and teases her. Sonakshi tells Preeta that Karan had so many girlfriends. Mahesh tells Karan that Sonakshi revealing all of his secrets and tries to change the topic.

Sonakshi tries to say more about Karan to Preeta but the latter interferes and tells her that she knows that Karan used to be a flirt and he had so many girlfriends but now he changed completely. Rakhi and Kareena meets Sonakshi. Kareena introduces Sherlyn to Sonakshi and the latter tells Sherlyn that she saw her and Rishabh’s marriage pictures and goes to Preeta saying that she is happy to meet her which irks Sherlyn.

Sonakshi reveals that she shifted to Mumbai permanently and came here to invite them for her marriage and marriage rituals starting from tomorrow in Lonavla. Karan tells her that Rishabh is not here to handle the business and he need to take care of Preeta too so he can’t attend her marriage. She tells him that she wants whole family to attend her marriage. Dadi agrees to attend the marriage. Sonakshi hugs Preeta and leaves the mansion.

In the kitchen, Sherlyn throws the stuff in anger. Preeta tells her that Luthra’s loves her too and asks her to forget the past so they can together take care of Luthra’s and reveals that she knows that the latter tried to harm her unborn child and if she said the truth to Luthra’s then they may throw her out of the mansion.

Episode ends.

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