Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2020 Written Update: Sameer informs Sristy about poison issue

Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Girish was about to close the door but Sameer stops him saying Sristy coming and he is waiting for her. Sristy enters Luthra house and asks Sameer about Preeta. He replies saying she is resting in her room. She thinks why house is so silent and where everyone went. He understood what she is thinking and tells her to not ask those questions to him when he is with her.

She says she didn’t said anything then why he is reacting like this. He says she didn’t said openly but that’s what she thought and he is sure of it after spending time with her this much. She tells him to concentrate on her emotions if he can read her mind then and she just wants to see Preeta now. Sherlyn blames Sarla saying she tried to kill her child.

Rishab says she always blames Sarla and Preeta for every bad thing which happens to her and says he doesn’t think there is poison in those laddus and also Doctor just assumed seeing the symptoms so let’s wait for the results and tells her to take rest instead of reacting like this now.

Karan says he also don’t think laddu has anything to do with her health just like he don’t think she is pregnant because until today no one knows about her pregnancy and says everything will be fine and Rishab said already what he wanted to say and leaves from there. Rishab says Karan is right. Sherlyn acts like crying and says this is why she didn’t said about her pregnancy and he didn’t even smiled after hearing the good news because the truth is more her and his child for him Preeta and her family is important.

 Mahira says Rishab hurting Sherlyn with his behavior especially when she is pregnant and says he can’t behave like this with her, she needs his care and attention now. Rishab says everyone overreacting now and he doesn’t need to prove anyone that how much he is concerned for Sherlyn and he cares for her and her child that’s why telling her to take rest.

She says it’s also his child. He says he don’t want to fight in that topic and leaves the room. Sherlyn says everyone saw how Rishab talked to her and no one said anything to him. Dadi says she doesn’t think Rishab and Karan are wrong because she herself don’t think that Sarla trying to kill her child. Kareena tried to interfere but Dadi stops her and leaves from there.

Kareena consoles the crying Sherlyn and assures her that she will talk to Dadi and tells her to take rest. Sristy meets Preeta and hugs her saying she was worried hearing about her sickness. Preeta says now she is feeling better after seeing her. Sameer tells Sristy about poison matter. Sristy suspects Sherlyn and Mahira and asks Preeta that did they feed her anything.

Kareena tells Dadi that Preeta is not lucky charm like Rakhi thinks instead she is bad luck for Luthra’s. Mahira tells her to become selfish for her family and instigates her against Sarla. Krithika informs them that Sherlyn is missing. Sherlyn reaches Arora house with Police. Sarla tries to defend her but no one listens her and Police arrests her.

Preeta feels something bad happened and tells Sristy that she wants to talk to Sarla. Karan comes there and tells Sristy to feed food to Preeta saying she is not listening anyone. Preeta says for them it’s just fasting but for her it’s very important ritual and she is keeping this for her and Karan’s relationship so she won’t break this. Karan stays silent hearing her.

Episode ends.

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