Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn decides to execute her new plan against Preeta

Episode begins with Sristy asks from when Preeta starts to believe Karan this much? Preeta replies her heart says to believe that he won’t misunderstand her this time. Sristy feels if Mahira didn’t came between Karan and Preeta then it would have been great.

Mahira gets tensed thinking Preeta got bail and calls Sherlyn and informs her that their plan failed. Sherlyn doesn’t understands anything and Mahira says about Preeta’s release. Mahira blames Rishab and says because of him their plan failed and shouts at Sherlyn too for not handling Rishab the way she handled Karan. That time Karan comes there, seeing him Mahira diverts the topic and cuts the call. Sherlyn gets angry thinking Preeta’s release. Karan says Mahira seems angry. She says she was thinking about Ramona’s birthday. She feels sad thinking her father too is not here to celebrate Ramona’s birthday. He says her to take rest and goes from there. She is happy for getting Karan’s sympathy and thinks his sympathy will turn into love soon.

Rakhi meets Rishab. She is sad because she was not able to help Sarla when Sarla came to ask help and she is upset with Kareena’s behavior too. Rishab consoles her and says Kareena would be regretting already for her behavior towards Rakhi. Rakhi says she wants to meet Sarla now. He says he will take her to Preeta’s house. Rakhi gets happy and both leaves from there. Sherlyn gets upset for her plan’s failure. She gets angry on Rishab and thinks some other plan against Preeta. She sees the video of Mahira pushing Preeta in front of the truck and decides to edit this video so she can use this against Preeta.

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Ramona apologize to Kareena because of the misunderstandings happened between Rakhi and Kareena. Kareena says just their thoughts differs but they both love and respect each other so much. Ramona feels Rakhi is angry on her and says about her birthday to Kareena. Kareena says they will do party tomorrow to celebrate Ramona’s birthday.

Sarla shouts at Janki for drinking alcohol with beeji. Rishab and Rakhi comes there. Rakhi enquires about Preeta and asks apologize to Sarla. Sarla says there was no mistake of Rakhi so no need to apologize. Janki drinks the remaining alcohol too and Sristy sees that. Sarla praises Rishab and says thanks to them for his help. Rakhi says she will talk with Mahira and will make her understand that Preeta can never try to kill anyone. She believes Mahira will listen her and will withdraw the complaint too. She apologize for Kareena’s behavior too.

Episode ends.