Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi instigates Luthra ladies against Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sherlyn tells Prithvi that in anger she revealed the truth to Rishabh. He tells her that she killed his hope of destroying Luthra’s. She gets angry and asks him to not blame her because it’s him who messed up everything. She tells him that Luthra’s won’t send her to jail but will insult her especially Preeta and cries. He tells her that, that won’t happen. He asks her to pack her luggage and leave Luthra house before Luthra’s throw her out of the house. She reaches Luthra house and recalls Prithvi’s words.

Meanwhile, Rishabh leaves the house with his luggage. Preeta asks him that what happened to him suddenly. Kareena and Rakhi asks him to talk about the matter. Dadi asks Kareena that where Rishabh going now. Sonakshi also comes out of her room. Sherlyn stays silent and wonders that why Rishabh leaving the house. Rishabh leaves from there without saying anything. Preeta asks Sherlyn that why Rishabh left the house. Sherlyn understands that Rishabh didn’t say anything to Luthra’s.

Preeta tells her that he just said that there is a business problem in London branch but she feels that, that was just an excuse because he didn’t even wait till Karan returns. Sherlyn tells her that she don’t know anything and leaves from there. Kareena tells them that something is fishy for sure otherwise Rishabh won’t leave like this. Rakhi and Dadi agrees with her. Sonakshi tells them that maybe there is really a business problem in London.

Sherlyn enters her room and tells herself that Rishabh really left the house and why he left instead of throwing her out of the house. She recalls her words and thinks that her words shattered Rishabh’s heart and smiles because he didn’t expose her in front of Luthra’s. Preeta comes there and asks her that what happened between the latter and Rishabh. Sherlyn tells her that she really changed and she don’t know that why he left the house. Preeta hopes that Sherlyn telling the truth and leaves the room.

Dadi consoles the crying Rishabh. Sonakshi tells them that she can understand Rakhi’s pain because she also can’t express her love to Pihu. Dadi and Kareena tells her that the latter can express it to Pihu. Sonakshi tells them that Preeta is busy with other responsibilities so she is not able to give her time to Pihu and it’s not Preeta’s mistake. She says to them that Pihu needs her mother now so Preeta should take care of Pihu leaving other things. Preeta comes there. Kareena asks Preeta to take care of Pihu and leave Rishabh and Sherlyn’s problem. Dadi tells Preeta that from now on the latter should spend time with Pihu only.

Karan comes there and Preeta hugs him. He asks her to not worry about Rishabh because he talked to him. Sonakshi sees them and thinks that she will win soon. Next day, Sherlyn meets Prithvi and informs him that Rishabh didn’t expose her and he left the house. He gets happy after hearing her. He asks her to take revenge from Preeta on behalf of him.

Episode ends.

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