Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update: Preeta chooses Rishabh over Karan 

Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Arjun tells Preeta that he is not a goon but businessman. He asks her to stop dragging the matter. He tells her that she knew he won’t hurt Kavya still she blames him always. He says that he affects her that’s why she don’t want him around her. Preeta asks him to stop talking rubbish. She says that he can’t prove himself cool by talking like this. She reminds him that he is standing in this house due to God.

He recalls the dam incident. He tells her that she is right and leaves from there. Snigdha overhears their conversation. She tells Preeta to stay away from Arjun and leaves from there. Srishti hears everything. She tells Preeta that Snigdha said like that because she likes Arjun. Preeta tells her that she was fighting with Arjun. Srishti tells her that they fights with their loved ones the most. 

Rishabh and Preeta convinces Arjun to sit for the puja. Priest asks Rishabh to fill Preeta’s forehead with vermilion. Rishabh is about to fill Preeta’s forehead with vermilion but Arjun stops him. Arjun tells Preeta that no one else can fill her forehead with vermilion until he is alive. Rishabh gets angry and beat him up. Arjun asks Preeta that if she did not recognize him. He pushes Rishabh. He tells Preeta that he is Karan and she belongs to him in every birth. He drags her from there. She pushes his hand and says that she won’t go with him even if he is Karan because she is Rishabh’s wife now. And it turns out to be Arjun’s dream. He thinks that he can’t control his emotions and leaves from there. Snigdha’s Dadi apologizes to Luthras and follows Arjun. She asks Snigdha to drive the car. 

Srishti recalls Preeta’s advice. Preeta recalls the moments she shared with Karan. Rishabh notices her. He recalls the moments he shared with Karan. He thinks that he would died if he can die instead of Karan then. He thinks that it would have been good if he can bring Karan back for Preeta. 

Arjun recalls that how Preeta choosed Rishabh over him and also how she brought restraining order. He asks Snigdha to stop the car. He gets off the car. Snigdha tells him that he can drive the car. He says that his intention was never hurting Kavya. She gets confused hearing him.  

In the Luthra house, Dadi says that seems like something bad going to happen. Priest asks everyone to focus on the puja. Kritika closes the windows. Puja light goes off. Kavya brings police there. Police inspector says that they came to arrest Rishabh. Luthras asks him that what Rishabh did. Rishabh asks Police inspector that what happened. Kavya says that Luthras acting like innocent but they are devils. Rishabh warns her to not utter a word against his family. Kavya says that Rishabh molested her. 

Episode ends. 

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