Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 Written Update: Jasbeer warns Rajveer to stay away from Palki

Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer and Shaurya glares each other. Ketan’s boss takes Shaurya from there. Sanju and Sandy talks about Shaurya’s sudden change which is happening due to Rajveer and Palki. Sandy feels that Shaurya likes Palki. But Sanju opposes him. On the other hand, Preeta attends the guests. Palki’s Dadi asks Preeta to smile. She praises Preeta’s personality. She claims that Palki is also like Preeta. Shaurya hears everything. He tells Palki’s Dadi that Preeta is perfect in everything. And Palki can’t be compared with Preeta. He criticises Palki and he praises Preeta. He says that Preeta is stranger for him still no one understands him better than her.

Preeta apologizes to Palki’s Dadi on behalf of Shaurya. Palki’s Dadi asks Preeta that who is he. Preeta tells her that Shaurya is her son. She takes Shaurya from there. She explains him that he should not have said like that about Palki in front of Palki’s Dadi. She claims that Palki is good girl. He notices his friends and moves towards them.

Rajveer drags Shaurya from there. Shaurya tells him that he love to see anger in the latter’s eyes. Rajveer asks Shaurya that what the latter’s friends doing there. Shaurya tells him to complain to Ketan. But Ketan can’t do anything because he need his project badly. He sends Sanju out to do something. Sandy asks Shaurya that what is the latter’s plan. Shaurya tells him that entertainment is going to begin.

Rajveer gives cool drink to Palki. He tells her that she looks tensed. Palki tells him that she is scared because Shaurya is there. He assures her that he is there to protect her. They shares an eye lock. He tells her that she can call him whenever she need his help. She asks him that why he is good with her. He tells her that she is good person and nothing bad will happen with her. She is about to drop the cool drink glass so he helps her. Jasbeer sees that. She tells Rajveer to stay away from Palki. She scolds Palki too. Rajveer explains the matter. And he apologizes to Jasbeer and leaves from there. Jasbeer sends Palki to wash her duppata. Shaurya sees everything.

Palki goes inside. Shaurya asks Palki that how she changed suddenly. She tells him that he did not create problem for her yet. He tells her that he is boss of Ketan’s boss. She asks him to not expect respect from her because he did not earn it. And she is tolerating him because he is guest. He warns her to stay away from Rajveer because she is getting married to Ketan. She scolds him and leaves from there. He calls Sandy and asks him to come to guest room.

Rajveer thinks that Shaurya has some plan for sure. Mahi asks Palki that if she is worried due to Shaurya. Palki tells her that she is irritated. And she feel Shaurya is there to take revenge on her. Mahi tells her that Shaurya can’t do anything.

Episode ends.

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