Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi executes her plan against Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 26th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi asks Sherlyn to promise that she will destroy Preeta’s life. She tells him that she will throw Preeta from Luthra’s life for sure. On the other hand, Rakhi tells Kareena and Dadi that she informed Mahesh that Rishabh left for business trip. Preeta serves tea to them. Rakhi reveals that it was Preeta’s idea to inform Mahesh that Rishabh left for business trip before Mahesh asks them about Rishabh. Preeta informs them that Rishabh messaged Karan so everything is fine and they need not to worry.

Pihu comes there and informs Rakhi that she is going to the party. Preeta informs Luthra’s that she is taking Pihu to her class friend Disha’s birthday party. She leaves the house with Pihu. Sonakshi overhears their conversation and thinks that she should do something today itself otherwise she won’t be able to reach her goal. Preeta drops Pihu in Disha’s house and gives Disha’s gift to her. She meets Disha’s mother Roma and asks her to take care of Pihu and call her once party ends. She hugs Pihu and asks her to enjoy. Roma tells Preeta that Pihu won’t face any problem and takes Pihu inside the house.

Later, Preeta notices that Dadi is suffering because of knee pain. She asks her to continue the exercise from tomorrow and goes to get ice pack and she puts her mobile on the bed. Dadi goes into the washroom. Sonakshi notices that Roma calling Preeta and picks the call. She talks like Preeta and learns that within 30 minutes party going to end and disconnects the call. She tells herself that Preeta won’t reach Roma’s house on time and she blocks Roma’s number and saves her number in Roma’s name. Sherlyn sees her.

Kareena asks Sherlyn that where was she till now. Sherlyn lies to her that she went to meet Rishabh’s friend to know about Rishabh. She tells her that she is not understanding that why Rishabh left the house just like that. Kareena consoles her. Sonakshi puts Preeta’s mobile on Dadi’s bed and leaves the room. Preeta brings ice pack and gives it to Dadi. She goes to Mahesh’s room to give medicines to him. He informs her that Girish throw his medicines in the dustbin by mistake. She tells him that she will buy his medicines when she goes to bring Pihu from party. She reads Roma’s message and goes out to buy Mahesh’s medicines. Sonakshi gets happy thinking that she trapped Preeta successfully.

Sonakshi reaches Roma’s house in Preeta’s car. Pihu runs towards the car. Sonakshi tells Roma that she saw Pihu. Someone kidnaps Pihu before she reaches the car which shocks Sonakshi.

Mahesh tells Dadi that he don’t need Rishabh and Karan because Preeta is there to take care of him. Kareena reminds him that Preeta is his daughter in law but Karan and Rishabh are his sons. He tells her that Preeta is his daughter and takes his medicines from Preeta. Sonakshi returns and gets worried that she can’t even inform about Pihu’s kidnap. Karan enters the house and asks about Pihu. Preeta tells him that Pihu has not return from party yet.

On the other hand, Goons seeks Hacker’s help to blackmail Karan. Simi brings the unconscious Pihu. Preeta could not find Roma’s message. Karan tells her that party is over. Sonakshi thinks that she deleted the message from Preeta’s mobile.

Episode ends.

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