Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2021 Written Update: Rakhi learns the truth of Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi opens the tiffin box and tells Sherlyn that it’s been so long that he didn’t get chance to eat homemade food. He starts eating and coughs. She understands that it’s spicy and asks him to not eat it but still he eats it which surprises her. Preeta gets emotional seeing Rishabh and leaves the Police station. She notices that Sameer crying and asks him that why he is crying and where is Rakhi. He tells her that Rakhi is worried for Rishabh and she is talking about suicide and all. She goes to Rakhi and asks her to not cry like this.

Rakhi tells her that she is scared and now it looks like even God is against them. She says to her that she will commit suicide for sure if God separated Rishabh from her then because she can’t live without her son. Preeta asks her to not talk like that and tomorrow Rishabh will be released. Rakhi asks her that how is that possible. Preeta informs her that she has evidence to prove Rishabh’s innocence. She reveals that Sandeep was faking his injury and tomorrow he will confess his crime in the court. Rakhi tells her that they should give the evidence to Police now.

Preeta tells her that she want to punish the mastermind too and that is Prithvi. Rakhi shocks hearing her. Preeta says to her that Prithvi is behind everything and informs her everything. Rakhi gets angry at Prithvi and tells Preeta that she is going to throw Prithvi out of the house. She asks Sameer to take her to Luthra house.

After some time, Rakhi screams Prithvi’s name. Everyone asks her that what happened. She slaps Prithvi which shocks everyone. Prithvi asks her that what he did. She tells him that she knows that he is trying to destroy her family. He tells her that it must be some misunderstanding. Kareena and Kritika defends Prithvi.

Dadi asks Rakhi that what happened. Rakhi reveals that Rishabh is in jail because of Prithvi. Prithvi tells them that it’s a lie. Rakhi asks Mahesh to call the Police. Prithvi runs from there and everything turns out to be Preeta’s dream. Preeta stops Rakhi and asks her to not take any decision in anger. She tells her that Prithvi will try to destroy the evidence if the latter confronted him then. She pleads her to stay silent for few more hours. Rakhi agrees with her.

Preeta tells her that they should act normal and Prithvi should not know that they have evidence to prove Rishabh’s innocence. Rakhi wonders that why Prithvi deceived them and gets worried for Kritika. Preeta tells her that Kritika deserves better person than Prithvi. Rakhi praises Preeta. Sherlyn comes there and then they reaches Luthra house.

Rakhi glares Prithvi. He notices that everyone behaving strange. Preeta takes Rakhi from there. Later, Prithvi tells Preeta that he is ready to help her in Rishabh’s case. He asks her that does she suspect anyone. She asks him to find any clue related to this case and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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