Kundali Bhagya 27th February 2021 Written Update: Mahira does emotional drama to get close to Karan

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Episode begins with Preeta says it’s hard to find Prithvi’s motive and says he was deceiving her since beginning but she thought he is really good guy even though Karan warned her about him many times, she didn’t believe him and thought Karan lying to her and says now Krithika behaving like her and she decides to find his motive.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he truely loves her but she beats him again. He asks her to listen him first and says she has full rights to know the truth. He says they are not just life partners but they are crime partners too and they did so many things together without caring about the consequences because they loves each other truely and says she didn’t leave him in any situation because she loves him that much and he also love her only.

She says if he loved her then he would not have entered the house like that with Krithika. He says he did everything because of her only and says she forgot their main motive which is transferring all of properties from Rishab. She asks him that why he married Krithika and what about their marriage. He holds her neck and warns her to not ask this question again otherwise he will kill her and she struggles to breathe.

Preeta goes to meet Krithika. Krithika hugs her and says they should forget the past and concentrate on their new beginning. She says she was upset with her but now she forgave her and says Akshay didn’t care about her and left her in the marriage mandap and says Preeta always warned her about him and she didn’t listen her but now she trusts her.

She says she got new life because of Prithvi and he is really good guy and says all the good things happening in her life because of Preeta only and thanks her. She says she only brought Prithvi with her and everyone mistreated him still he didn’t react because he loves her and asks her to give one chance to him.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that no one knows about them and their past and says their marriage also past only and warns her to not talk about that never. She says she doesn’t trust him anymore and says Rishab is better guy than him. Hearing her he tries to slap her but controls his anger.

Krithika and Preeta searches Prithvi. Krithika says he wanted to talk to his mother. Prithvi says he could not slap Sherlyn because he loves her. She bites his hand and asks him to not say that he loves her. He says he knows that he is her weakness and if she says she doesn’t love him then he will leave the room without saying anything.

She pushes him and tells him to leave from there. He says he knows that this is how she will react that’s why he didn’t inform about his marriage to her and says he married Krithika four days back still he didn’t touch her because his heart beats for her only and apologize to her.

She cries hugging him and says she can forgive him for his all the crimes but she won’t tolerate his betrayal. He gets angry and yells at her. Preeta hears Prithvi’s voice from Sherlyn’s room and calls Krithika. Preeta knocks the door and Prithvi hides under the bed before Preeta sees him. Sherlyn lies to them saying Prithvi is not in her room. Prithvi thanks Sherlyn for saving him and leaves from there.

Karan struggles because of muscle cramp and calls Preeta. Mahira asks what happened to him. He tells her to call Preeta. She acts like calling her and he asks her to pass the ointment. He could not apply it on his shoulder and asks Mahira to apply it.

Krithika tells Preeta to wait and she goes to washroom. Seeing Prithvi, Preeta says she knows that he was in Sherlyn’s room.He asks is she jealous because he was not with her. She asks him to stop talking nonsense.

Prithvi instigates Krithika against Preeta and says Preeta didn’t moved on in her life and she still has feelings for him. Krithika asks him to not talk like this and says Karan and Preeta loves each other and they happily living together so he should not think like this.

Preeta gets angry seeing Mahira and drags her from Karan. Karan explains the situation and apologize to Mahira on behalf of Preeta. Mahira apologize to Preeta saying it was her mistake and leaves from there. Karan tells Preeta that she overreacted.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi to meet her outside. Mahira tells Prithvi that she thought he is fool but he proved her wrong and says she understood that his tactic is emotional drama. He says by staying with him she can learn so many things like this. Prithvi goes to meet Sherlyn but lies to Kareena saying he is going to meet his mother.

Preeta says she knows that she overreacted but she can’t tolerate Mahira near him because of her past history and apologize to him. He says she need not to apologize and says he likes it when she becomes possessive for him.

Sristy wonders why Prithvi entered Luthra house and informs Sarla about Krithika and Prithvi’s marriage. Sarla gets worried for Preeta and tells Preeta that Prithvi is cunning person and she should not do anything without consulting her. Mahira acts like crying so Karan can see her and asks can’t they become friends again.

Episode ends.