Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2020 Written Update: Karan comes arora house to meet Preeta

Episode begins with Kareena calls Rakhi but Sristy cuts that call. Kareena thinks Rakhi still angry on her that’s why didn’t attended her call. Janki was keep smiling seeing Rishab and he gets confused why she is behaving like this. Then Sristy explains Janki drinked too much to celebrate Preeta’s release that’s why behaving weird. Rakhi says to Sarla that she will keep her promise and she and Rishab leaves from there after bidding bye to them. Few people were talking bad about Preeta, Karan hears that and defends Preeta to them. Later he gets confused thinking why he defended Preeta to others.

Rakhi thinks about her promise to Sarla. Dadi and Mahira enquiries about each others health. Rakhi asks Mahira to withdraw her complaint which she gave against Preeta. Mahira gets shocks. That time Kareena comes there informs about Ramona’s birthday party. Everyone wishes Ramona. Dadi asks Karan to have breakfast. Karan gets confused thinking he gone police station to meet Preeta or release Preeta. He feels he is behaving weirdly nowadays. He tries to go from there without having breakfast but Dadi stops him and orders him to have breakfast. Rishab says he knows what Karan thinking and asks him to meet Preeta. He says Preeta thinks Karan doesn’t know about her arrest. Karan says he is going for practice and leaves from there. Mahira gets relieved thinking Karan going for practice not to meet Preeta.

Janki says Beeji only forced her to drink too much yesterday and apologies to Sarla. Sristy asks Sarla to forgive Janki. Sarla asks Janki to say the truth. Janki says she only wanted to do party to celebrate their happiness. Preeta says there are other ways to exists and asks Janki to make cake so they all together can celebrate. Janki says she needs help Sarla says she will help but Janki denies to take Sarla help and asks Preeta to help her.

Shiv asks Karan that why Preeta is not coming to academy nowadays and asks is there any fights happening between Preeta and her husband? Karan says Preeta and her husband planning for their second honeymoon and goes from there.

Sherlyn comes to police station and says she have proof against Preeta. She says she was in accident spot and was capturing children’s play but Mahira’s accident too captured in her mobile. She says Preeta deliberately pushed Mahira in front of the truck and shows the video to police. She gets happy thinking now her plan will be successful for sure and no one can save Preeta this time.

Karan comes to arora house to meet Preeta. Sarla shocks seeing him and asks why he is here? He says he came to give the cheque to Preeta for treating his Dadi. Preeta gets nervous seeing Karan and he notices that she is wearing the duppata which was gifted by him. He says he doesn’t have pen and Sarla goes inside to get pen.

Preeta asks why he didn’t call her? He says he doesn’t know about Preeta’s arrest, now only got to know so came to meet her. He thinks why he lied to her. Preeta says she is wearing Karan’s gift. He says she is looking beautiful and tries to remove the wheat from her hair. Both were keep staring each other. Janki closes the window of kitchen. Both comes to sense hearing that sound. And Preeta goes towards her room to wash her hair.

Sherlyn meets Mahira and tells her that she have video proof of Preeta pushing Mahira. Mahira gets confused and says Preeta didn’t pushed her. Sherlyn says she knows that and informs her about editied video. Mahira gets happy and praises Sherlyn for her idea. Sherlyn thinks Mahira is mad that’s why she didn’t even asked why Sherlyn recorded the accident.

Karan goes to Preeta’s room and gets mesmerized seeing her. She teases him for making werid face. She teasingly says he looked like cartoon and Karan chases her and Preeta runs towards washroom to save herself from him. He opens the shower, Preeta gets wet fully but she pulls him too under the shower. He protects her from falling and they stares each other continuesly. Sristy comes there and sees them and goes from there without disturbing them.

Sarla asks about Karan. Sristy says he is in terrace. Sarla says first she thought Karan came for Preeta but no he came just to give cheque. Karan falls down in washroom and Preeta helps him. Everyone hears sound from Preeta’s room and Sarla tries to go inside but Sristy stops her.

Kareena is planning for Ramona’s birthday party. Ramona gets sad thinking about Preeta’s release and Kareena consoles her and says her to enjoy the party. Rishab takes Sherlyn to their room saying he wants to talk with her.

Sarla goes inside Preeta’s room and sees Karan and Preeta fully wet. She asks why they are wet? Sristy says she only throwed water on them to play water holi. She says that’s why she even stopped Sarla to enter Preeta’s room if she sees them like this then she will scold her. She apologies to Karan and asks Janki to bring tea. Sarla goes from there to help Janki.

Preeta applies haldi on Karan’s injury which he had on his forehead. He keeps staring her mesmerisingly. He asks why she is doing all these for him? She replies because he is her husband. He recalls their marriage.

Episode ends.